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16 Splendid Ways To Style Chunky Sweaters Like A Style Star

16 Splendid Ways To Style Chunky Sweaters Like A Style Star



et’s think of chunky sweaters as that reliable friend who’s always there through thick and thin. Also, notice how we often become familiar with them and tend to take their loyalty and availability for granted. That’s often the case with chunky sweaters. We absentmindedly throw it on every other day during the cooler days, so much so, that we become oblivious to its styling versatility and chic appeal.

This utilitarian essential provides warmth without laying low on style, which explains why it timelessly remained a celebrity street style must-have. Top models, A-list celebrities, and fashion influencers effortlessly rock sweaters as both an on and off-duty essential. Now, we want you in all that fashion goodness with this curation of some downright stylish ways to rock chunky sweaters this season.

Check out 7 super-cool ways to rock chunky sweaters like a certified pro…

#1. Mix textures

There’s no set-on-stone formula for mixing textures, it all boils down to what you’d love to achieve. Just like mixing patterns, playing with textures is another way to achieve an interestingly pleasant look. Consider wearing a chunky sweater on leather pants, and that could just be the added touch your outfit needs. Even a monochrome look with varying textures is eye-catching coordination.

#2. Chunky sweaters X slip dress

The juxtaposition of this combo is what makes it appealing. Either layering a slip dress on the sweater, or vice versa works perfectly. Style influencers are heavy on this look and it’s no surprise why. Opt for at least one colorful piece and style with neutrals.

#3. Midi skirts

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Midi skirts are one of the most versatile pieces you’d need to navigate through fall style. To pack a major punch, pair your sweater with a midi pleated skirt and some nice booties.

#4. Popping hues

The color palette for this cold weather season is broad, and this fall style update allows for more experiments. From the traditional fall muted tones paired with vivid hues, there’s so much you can achieve from a bold color play this season.

#5. Denim does it

When in doubt, denim will always come in handy. Styling oversize sweaters with fitted jeans is a timeless, but on-point way to slay this trend—the influencer way. Also, don’t ignore the power of accessories to tie this look beautifully together.

#6. A whole sport

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It goes without saying that sweaters and sneakers are the perfect match during colder seasons. Finish off the look with either joggers or cargo pants to spruce things up.

#7. Keep it neutral

Wearing neutral chunky sweaters with wide-hemmed pants in monochromatic fashion is an elevated way to switch up your fall fashion dynamics.

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