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WATCH: Lola OJ on How to Wrap and Set Your Short Relaxed Hair | SR Beauty

WATCH: Lola OJ on How to Wrap and Set Your Short Relaxed Hair | SR Beauty


Beauty enthusiast and vlogger Lola OJ is known to share beauty hacks on her YouTube channel, Lola OJ TV. Lola has a signature cut that has earned her countless fans and lovers. The most remarkable thing about her cut is the impeccable attention she gives it. In a recent tutorial the beauty connoisseur takes out time to share how she nails her funky cut from scratch to finish. In this episode she dishes on how to wrap and set your short hair after relaxing and blow drying versus leaving it to dry naturally.

To achieve Lola’s look you’ll need:
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Thin tooth comb
  • Medium bristle brush
  • Wrap straight cream
  • Style smooth cream
  • Head wrap
  • Blow dryer
  • Thong

  1. Dampen and dry the hair with a towel to be fairly moist.
  2. Apply the wrap straight cream on the hair generously, and comb to desired direction with a wide tooth comb.
  3. Wrap hair in desired direction with thin tooth comb.
  4. Flatten the hair with a medium bristle brush.
  5. Apply Style Smooth to enable the hair to shine.
  6. Firmly tie a head wrap to perfectly flatten the hair
  7. You may allow hair to dry naturally, or use a blow dryer
  8. Then Brush out with the thin tooth comb, and thong into desired curls
  9. Use a wide tooth comb to brush out the hair, and the brush to lay down the edges.
  10. Visit the Barber’s to get a nice trim.

Watch Lola’s relaxed short hair tutorial below:

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