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Adire Fabrics Are In And Ultra-Hot This Season! Check Out 16 Best Ways To Rock Them + Styling Tips

Adire Fabrics Are In And Ultra-Hot This Season! Check Out 16 Best Ways To Rock Them + Styling Tips


If there’s one thing that stands out with ease in the fashion industry, it’s creativity that shines through with class. Effortlessly showcasing this, adire textiles continue to revamp conventional standards of fashion in colorful ways. The traditional tie and dye fabric does this by taking basic fashion staples and transforming them into simply opulent pieces. 

With its African roots originating from the creative history of Yoruba women in southwestern Nigeria, the exquisite fabric continues to soar. However, the adire fabric is one of a few fabrics that have maintained their essence over time. Growing from its regal indigo foundation, various tinges, designs, and textures have been produced over time.

Paying homage to such tradition and versatility, Nigerian fashion brands like Matopeda by Tope Abiola king and Tolu Bally’s 2207bytbally have recently found trendy ways to uplift the adire fabric. By incorporating the ethereal textile into their contemporary collections, its value is raised further in high and modish accord. Following suit, celebrities like singer-songwriter Tiwa Savage and trendsetting influencers like Shalom Blac have recently embraced the trend.  

Tiwa Savage adire cloth mini skirts stylerave
Tiwa Savage rocking the adire fabric in a mini skirt

Here are some tips on rocking the adire fabric this season…

#1. Colors and patterns

When it comes to wearing adire fabrics, a dazzling array of rainbow-inspired hues exist. Likewise, several stencils and designs have been gorgeously curated to fit into the fad. Although its indigo identity dates back to the 1960s, bright colors like red, green, and orange help modernize its appearance. As such, your adire palette can either be traditional or edgy. 

#2. Outfit choices

A fusion of personality and style comes to play to curate the perfect ensemble with this tie and dye fiber. Essentially, the vibe you’re going for matters. For instance, you can achieve an androgynous look with an adire jacket, long sleeve shirt, and pants. On the other hand, a white oversized shirt paired with an adire mini skirt would be appropriate for a fun casual attire. 

adrogynous fashion adire fabric nigerian fashion trends stylerave
Zina Anumudu in an androgynous outfit with the adire trend
#3. Accessorize with a sense of finesse 

Coupled with the intensity and texture of the dye and patterns evident on adire fabrics, its geometric nature tends to be bold. As a result, subtle jewelry items work best. Think hoop earrings, single-layered necklaces, bracelets, and rings. To kick things up a notch, footwear like strappy heels and trainers decipher a casual yet fancy tone. A miniature tote to complement adds a dainty touch to your overall look and solidifies your position as a style star or aspiring one, as the case may be. 

So if you’re looking for some African-inspired fashion trends to rock this season, look no further ’cause we’ve got you covered!  

Check out 16 ultra-hot and fabulous ways to wear adire fabrics… 

Wrap dresses

omawumi adire wrap dresses black strappy heels stylerave

Adire African textile cloth patterns in Nigeria. Instagram

Chic Tops & T-Shirts

Powede Eniola Awujo pink and blue tie and dye tops stylerave
Powede Eniola Awujo


Lola OJ tie and dye oversized t-shirt stylerave
Lola OJ

Adire African textile cloth patterns in Nigeria. Instagram

Two-Piece Sets

Chioma goodhair adire fabrics two piece sets stylerave
Chioma Ikokwu


adire co-ord sets latest fashion trends stylerave


adire beach set thigh high slit midi skirt stylerave

Co-ord Short Sets

Sharon Ooja adire fabric latest fashion trends co-ord sets stylerave
Sharon Ooja


Shalom Blac Tope FnR adire short set co-ord stylerave
Shalom Blac


orange and gold tie and dye short set co-ord stylerave
Mimi Onalaja

Adire African textile cloth patterns in Nigeria. Instagram

Mini Skirts

Toke makinwa see through bodysuit adire mini skirts styelrave
Toke Makinwa


tie and dye mini skirts with pockets stylerave


red bow tie adire cloth latest fashion trends stylerave
Adetoke Oluwo


african prints tie and dye mini skirt stylerave


Tolu Bally adire fabric white long sleeve shirt stylerave
Tolu Bally


African prints floral blazers latest fashion trends stylerave
Adetoke Oluwo

Midi Skirts

Ini Dima-Okojie orange and blue adire midi skirts stylerave
Ini Dima-Okojie

Adire African textile cloth patterns in Nigeria. Instagram

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