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TREND ALERT! From Kim Kardashian To Tiwa Savage, See How To Style The Biker Shorts And Onesie Look

TREND ALERT! From Kim Kardashian To Tiwa Savage, See How To Style The Biker Shorts And Onesie Look

Women’s outdoor clothing is becoming more and more non-traditional. In the last couple of years there was a re-emergence of leggings and tights as “real pants” and now biker shorts and onesies are emerging from outside the gym and making a statement as full on casual wear. From Lagos to Los Angeles, celebrities like Tiwa Savage and Kim Kardashian have been spotted rocking this trendy look.

You may be wondering whether or not these apparels are actually good options to wear anywhere outside the gym; thanks to celebrities and other style influencers, this question has an easy answer. With the right attitude and styling, these sport pieces are quite street style worthy.

Kim Kardashian

In particular, we have to give Kim Kardashian props for giving many modern day fashion brands the idea of making the biker short and onesie look trendy and we also have to give honour to Kanye West for thinking of it as a fashionable piece for this period in the first place. The fashion forward duo have been known to set the pace for the latest trends and this time it’s no different; borrowing from ’90s fashion, they’ve created and turned the biker short and onesie into a must have.

The question now remains thus; what’s the key to styling the biker short or onesie? For starters, biker shorts and heels are absolutely rad! Paired with a sweat shirt is also cool too! There are so many options on how to style this sketchy trend:

Here are ideas to get you started on styling the biker shorts and onesie look…

Kim Kardashian
Tiwa Savage
Teyana Taylor

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