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Angolan Blogger CINOSANDA SANDELE Has An IG Feed That You Can Look At For Days

Angolan Blogger CINOSANDA SANDELE Has An IG Feed That You Can Look At For Days

There’s something about Cinosanda Sandele that makes you want to go live on her Instagram feed. The Angolan blogger and mother of 3 who goes by angodiva on IG is one of those people you can’t easily look away from. First, she is a stunningly fashionable mom; second, her style feed is a leaf from the 1920s with less jewellery and if blacks were allowed to express themselves more freely.

The super stylish blogger knows how to work modern day pieces into a retro vibe; we say the 1920s because that was the jazz age, a time when comfortable clothing like skirts and trousers for women were more welcomed and formal attire was becoming less and less. It was also the time when fashion and style were at its peak, mixed with swag and a high dose of class! The women of this period carried themselves with more gait and femininity that teased you with softness and fierceness all at the same time. This exact vibe is what Cinosanda Sandele gives off in our current sexy-driven style era.

Cinosanda Sandele

Her touch of the past and understanding of present day fashion forward style combined together is what makes her such an attraction and let’s not talk about her fro – LIFE!, anyone? Cinosanda is truly an Angolan diva as her name implies and we totally love that she brings something uniquely beautiful to the fashion table.

Take a look at the alluring effects of her style…

Cinosanda Sandele

Cinosanda Sandele

Photo Credit: IG | Angodiva 

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