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Travel Caribbean: 5 Top Tourist Spots To See In Trinidad And Tobago

Travel Caribbean: 5 Top Tourist Spots To See In Trinidad And Tobago


The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago consists of two main islands – the larger Trinidad and the smaller Tobago – and a number of much smaller islands. It is located close to the continent of South America and northeast of Venezuela. This Caribbean country is endowed with majestic mountain ranges, waterfalls, lush tropical forests, robust biodiversity, and idyllic bird sanctuaries. These and more offer more than enough reasons to visit this splendid destination.

In addition to its biodiversity, Trinidad and Tobago also boasts impressive geographical wonders. Its tropical Caribbean weather, gorgeous islands, beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, numerous beautiful tourist spots, colorful carnivals, and mouth-watering cuisine make Trinidad and Tobago a special and delightful country to visit. Here are five top tourist attractions to check out for your splendid vacation or relaxation if you visit the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Check out 5 exciting tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago to impress you…

#1. Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust (Trinidad)

Photo: @shutter.jay/Instagram

Tourists seeking a calm, idyllic spot in Trinidad are sure to be enamored of the bird sanctuary that is Ponte-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust. Populated by adorable bird species such as the black-bellied whistling duck, white-cheeked pintail, and the scarlet ibis, this amazing 30-hectare bird sanctuary is located in the middle of an oil refinery and is dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating endangered bird species.

This spot is a must-see for bird lovers. You can sit all day watching the exquisite beauty of this place. Its refreshing fresh waters and rich tropical vegetation prettied with birds are perfect for your camera. So, head to Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust for a calming and invigorating treat with one of nature’s most endearing creatures.

#2. National Museum and Art Gallery (Trinidad)

Photo: @interestingworld_/Instagram

Another exciting tourist attraction in Trinidad is this one. Located in Port of Spain on Trinidad Island, the National Museum and Art Gallery was established in 1892 as the Royal Victoria Institute. A Victorian-era-style building, the Gallery houses a collection of about 10,000 items that include a large collection of arts by Trinidadian artists, petroleum and geological exhibits, Trinidad’s Carnival arts, and lots of other exhibits that tell the cultural history of the island. This museum is sure to delight tourists wishing for a feel of the artistic and cultural richness of the people of Trinidad.

#3. Maracas Bay (Trinidad)

Photo: @tonyud/Instagram

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad’s finest and most popular beaches. It offers magnificent views of the blue sea, a crescent of fine beach sand, and hillsides coated with thick green forest. It is a splendid location to mingle with the locals whilst relishing the picturesque nature. There are chairs and umbrellas for rent here; so make yourself comfortable, sit back, and savor some of Trinidad’s best-loved snacks, especially seafood. Rum is a special delight in Trinidad; it shouldn’t hurt to try out some.

#4. Queen’s Park Savannah

Photo: @visualsandjuice/Instagram

Queen’s Park Savannah is certainly a must-see in Trinidad. Located in the capital, Port of Spain, the Park, also known as “the Savannah,” is the city’s largest open space, measuring about 260 acres. Once a sugarcane farmland in the 19th century, and later as a pasture for cattle, it has now become an important arena for some of Trinidad’s most important cultural events.

The Savannah’s southern side, known as the Grand Stand, is now the center for Carnival and the Calypso Monarch and Carnival King and Queen Competitions. The western edge of the Savannah is home to a group of scenic late-Victorian-style buildings known as “the Magnificent Seven Houses.” These houses are Queen’s Royal College, the residences of the Anglican bishop and the Roman Catholic archbishop, Whitehall, Mille Fleurs, Roomor, and Stollmeyer’s Castle. There is also a night market at Queen’s Park Savannah, a go-to place for a taste of the best of Caribbean delicacies and uniquely Trinidadian cuisine. All these make Queen’s Park Savannah a top tourist attraction to check out.

#5. Englishman’s Bay (Tobago)

Photo: @onemantobagoarmy/Instagram

Englishman’s Bay in Tobago is a paradise adorned with turquoise water, a brilliant sky, and a fine crescent of beach sand fringed by a lush forest of palms and tropical trees carpeting an undulating hilly terrain. It is an utterly picturesque and majestic place to see. Englishman’s Bay is a photographer’s paradise. Here, you can rent an umbrella and chair and sit all day, watching the exquisite beauty of the sea and basking in the warm tropical sun. There are also sporting activities to while away time and add more fun to your Caribbean experience – swimming, ball games, and snorkeling. There are gift shops to explore too; so make sure to pick a souvenir to memorialize this blissful wonder of Tobago.

Featured image: Island Vision Creative via @trinidadandtobagocarnival/Instagram 

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