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Top MUA Banke Meshida Lawal Covers July Issue of Tribe & Elan Magazine

Top MUA Banke Meshida Lawal Covers July Issue of Tribe & Elan Magazine


Makeup artist extraordinaire, Banke Meshida Lawal has been revealed as the cover star of the July issue of Tribe & Elan online magazine. Inside, the renowned MUA opens up on life as a celebrity makeup artist, marriage and competition in the beauty industry. Banke really bares it all in this interview.

About Banke

She is the CEO of leading make-Up brand – BMpro. The first Nigerian makeup artist to own a line of modern day makeup. A super woman of some sorts, Banke has successfully run a cosmetic makeup line, a training school, a beauty advisory, written columns for various magazines and presently floats an online magazine- BM/Pro covers.

Her journey into being the influencer she is in the Nigerian beauty industry started over a decade ago in her university days at the University of Lagos. According to her, it started out as a hobby- “I would wear makeup and people will ask me to help them out. I did that for strangers and friends without hesitation.” Her skill at it made her turn it into a business upon graduation. Her decision to follow her passion soon began to pay off with a steady rise to prominence. She once admitted to not expecting this level of significance makeup artistry currently enjoys in Nigeria. According to her,  “I didn’t even think makeup will get to the level it is now.”

Interview Excerpts

On how she has been able to keep her brand going with the exponential rise of competition in the beauty industry:
“First of all, I started doing makeup as a hobby. I have always seen it as something I just find myself doing. We just put in a lot into what we do at BMPRO. We don’t see makeup as a service we are there to provide just on a day. So there is a build-up and a relationship we strike between us and our entire client and we nurture the relationships. I suppose we try to be innovative, like I said, we don’t just do makeup, we do makeup that they are confident wearing and of course they become the centre of attention at their events. Staying ahead has just been something that has come with the territory.”


On how she has been able to keep her home while running a thriving business:
“When you come from a background that understands you and understands the reason you do what you do, like I have, it is pretty straight forward. My family know that I actually love what I do; it makes me happy doing what I do. If I am a part of that unit and the people with me don’t want me to thrive then what is the point. So fortunately for me, have being blessed with a group of people that appreciate what I do and they are very happy to see me happy. Of course they are supportive and anywhere I am lacking, they pick it up and sort it out.”

On the rumour that she’s not much of a team player in the beauty industry:  
“I have always been sort of a recluse. It doesn’t mean that if am asked to be in a group or do something together…I mean I jump at it but I wouldn’t base my existence on that. I like to do things just because I want to do it. I don’t let what the next person is dictating influence what i am doing. I am a bit of a recluse to be honest but then I appreciate what I do (laughs)”

Continue reading the entire interview on Tribe & Elan.

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