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7 Eyebrow Trends Of 2023 That Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon

7 Eyebrow Trends Of 2023 That Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon



yebrow trends have had their moments in the spotlight throughout the decades. We’ve seen the pencil-thin arches of the 1950s, thicker, fuller brows with a softer arch of the 70s, and the brushed-up brows of the 2020s. Over the years, our eyebrows have been through an endless journey of mesmerizing beauty tales, self-expression, and fashion statements. Nine months into the year, we can certainly tell the eyebrow trends that have solidly dug their heels into our current beauty conversations

See the top 7 eyebrow trends that are here to stay…

#1. Bleached brows

This year has seen this eyebrow trend make waves, and it’s not fading away anytime soon. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, and Gigi Hadid have showcased this trend to the delight of creative beauty enthusiasts. Bleached brows provide a captivating contrast to darker hair colors and allow your eye makeup to pop like never before. You can expect to see more of these edgy brows way beyond 2023.

#2. Skinny 90s brows

Remember the skinny, minimalistic brows of the 1990s? Well, they’re back and here to stay! Bella Hadid and other fashion-forward individuals have been slaying this nostalgic look. Embrace the simplicity of 90s brows which add an effortlessly chic touch to your appearance.

#3. Laminated and hairy brows

The evolution of laminated brows has reached a new height in 2023. These groomed, yet “hairy” brows offer a bold and trendy style impossible to ignore. Laminated brows focus on enhancing your natural hair texture and keeping them impeccably groomed. It’s hard to see a well-executed option and not fall in love with it, reiterating the staying power of this eyebrow trend.

#4. Colorful brows

Twenty-twenty-three has been a dramatic year, and what better way to showcase drama than with colorful brows? We’ve seen myriads of bold shades like purple, pink, and even neon hues trending on TikTok. Experimenting with colorful brows allows you to make a statement that’s both playful and daring. Get ready to turn heads with this vibrant trend.

#5. Unkempt brows

Who knew unkempt could be a thing of beauty? The allure of unkempt and slightly overgrown brows is undeniable. Perhaps, it draws from the ugly beauty trend many are beginning to favor. This trend embraces a more relaxed and natural approach to brow grooming. Say goodbye to overly manicured arches and hello to the effortless charm of unkempt brows. It’s a style that’s all about celebrating your brows in their untamed glory.

#6. Microbladed brows

This eyebrow trend has been a game-changer in the beauty world, and they’re definitely not going anywhere. This semi-permanent makeup technique allows you to achieve perfectly shaped brows with minimal daily effort. Say farewell to brow pencils, and hello to the convenience and precision of microbladed brows.

#7. Straight brows

These brows had their moment in the past, and they’ve made a comeback. This trend offers a fresh and youthful look by overlooking the traditional arch and favoring straight lines. Expect to see more influencers and fashion icons embracing the elegance of straight brows and revealing their timeless appeal.

Two-thousand-and-twenty-three has proven to be all about pushing the boundaries of brow fashion. Be it bleached brows or colorful statements, there’s an eyebrow trend for everyone to embrace. If you want to elevate your brow game, make a statement with your eyebrows, or try something new, these seven trends offer the opportunity to express your unique style and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your brows as we round off this bold and exciting year in beauty.

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