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The Petite Girl’s Guide To Dressing Like A Pro Per SA’s Khanya Mkangisa

The Petite Girl’s Guide To Dressing Like A Pro Per SA’s Khanya Mkangisa

Sometimes the most beautiful things come in small packages and that’s what our muse, Khanya Mkangisa proves. The Capetown-born actress, TV presenter and DJ have been in the industry since she was 14, starting out as a youth host at YOTV. Now 31, with a plethora of achievements under her belt and years of experience in an industry where appearance matters a lot, Khanya has got her a chest trove of style tips to share especially if you are petite-framed.

Fashion rules are meant to be challenged and someone like Khanya would know.

Khanya Mkangisa carefully curates her looks. Nothing is ever out of place and this is one tip every petite woman should use. Because your frame is smaller, if outfits and accessories are not carefully put together the slightest error can either overwhelm or underwhelm you.

How do you avoid a situation like this? Here are a few of the style rules Khanya follows:

1. A monochrome look works magic.
2. Heels are a must when the goal is elegance.
3. Flaunt your legs in well-balanced mini looks to appear taller.
4. Avoid outfits that are too boxy as they don’t flatter your body type.

Following these four rules is a sure way to build a rave-worthy style like Khanya’s. But following the rules on what to wear isn’t the only reason why her ensembles are so inspiring. There’s a rule that every woman should follow and that is confidence. Khanya embraces her height and styles it with so much confidence that everything she wears looks perfect. 

See how Khanya Mkangisa is killing the game confidently…

Mini Fabulosity

The Right Cut-Out

It’s All in the Details

Party in a Mini Fringe Two-Piece

Sexy x Elegant

Monochrome is Always An Elegant Idea

Flirty in A Flowy Dress

Photo Credit: IG | ilovekhanya

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