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The Latest Nail Trends To Hit The 4th Quarter Of 2019

The Latest Nail Trends To Hit The 4th Quarter Of 2019


There will always be new ways to get creative with nail art as our nails are the last frontier when it comes to expressing our love for beauty trends. The dropping temperatures in the West tells us that Fall 2019 is right around the corner and like with everything else, nail trends will also evolve to suit the season.

Seasonal nail trends are usually predictable and the nail trends for Fall / Autumn 2019 are no different as they will be inspired by fall colours such as various shades of pale green, dark red, yellow, purple, orange and brown. As Halloween season approaches, nail art designs that celebrate Halloween are also to be expected and to wrap up the year, nail art trends that fit just right for the festive season will be all over the gram.

Everyday nail art designs are also changing as manicurists come up with more creative ways to impress their insatiable clients. Think French manicure with a twist and animal prints inspired nail designs.

Irrespective of the trends, you can decide to stick with your go-to manicure looks, but if you are ready to be adventurous with your nails, we have compiled the hottest nail trends you need to know about.

Check out the latest nail art trends for Fall 2019…

Fall colours


French manicure with a twist


Animal Print


Halloween inspired nail art


Pearls on nails


Sparkle nails for the festive season


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