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The Best Type Of Skirt For Every Body Type

The Best Type Of Skirt For Every Body Type


There are days where you have the luxury of taking hours to dress up and of course, there will also be the days where you need to dress up quickly and still be expected to come out looking stunning. Knowing your body type and what suits you perfectly off the top of your head would come in handy on days like the latter.

When it comes to styling skirts, it can be a little tricky. Which is why sometimes you may wonder why that beautiful skirt you bought online looks better on the model than on you. Having the knowledge of the best skirt for every body type can literally turn you from Indecisive Jenny to Fashion Expert Jessica who can dress up in blindfolds and still come out slaying.

What are the different body types?

At this point, it’s helpful to note that this classification of body types isn’t to highlight any shortcomings or exalt one body shape above the other. It’s a styling guide that seeks to help an individual purchase or create better fitting clothes that their body deserves.

  • Apple body type: Your shoulder, waist, and hips are about the same size. The shoulders might be a bit wider than the hips with only a few inches.
  • Rectangle body type: This is mostly an athletic body characterized by straight shoulders that are about the same width as the waist and hips. This body shape is relatively straight up and down and this allows the body more room for trying diverse outfits.

  • Pear body type: The lower half of the body is wider than the waist, chest, and shoulders. This body type possesses a well-defined waistline. The hips are the widest part of this body shape.
  • Inverted triangle body type: You have an inverted triangle body type if your shoulders are obviously the widest parts of your body. The lower half is slim and this body shape usually has really great legs.
  • Hourglass body type: This body shape is known for its significantly smaller waistline. The shoulders and hips are around the same size.

Do note however, that this article doesn’t communicate that only the following skirts will suit your body type. Of course, other types of skirts can fit you perfectly, too.

Check out the best skirt for every body type and slay effortlessly…

#1. Best skirt for apple body type

The best skirt for the apple body is a high-waisted flare skirt. The waistband will cinch the waist and flare out over the stomach. For that extra touch, wear a skirt that’ll show off those great legs.

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#2. Best skirt for the hourglass body type

Mentioning that pencil skirts are the best bet for this body shape is just stating the obvious. Pencil skirts bring all those curves into full view. Invest in different lengths of this skirts and your body type will thank you.

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#3. Best skirt for the rectangle body type

Considering that this body shape is usually tall and thin, it’s advisable to avoid any skirt that will create a boxy look. Skirts above the knee look great on this body shape. A well-tailored high waisted skirt that billows out after the waist will enhance the curves and create fuller hips.

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#4. Best skirt for the pear body type

A-line skirts look exceptionally great on pear body shape. It minimizes the width of your hips and highlights the waistline. Pair this skirt with a girly top for a chic appeal.

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#5. Best skirt for the inverted triangle body type

Asymmetric and pegged skirts look great on inverted triangle bodies. It removes focus from the shoulders and flatters the lower half. Pegged skirts also create fuller hips.

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The last ingredient that trumps any styling tip is self-love and confidence. No matter your body type or size, you need to look in the mirror and say “dang girl, I look smashing!” This isn’t false hype. Whether your body stands out in a good way or if you feel sloppy is often dependent on your positive outlook and style know-how. Simply put, see the beauty in all your uniqueness and style the heck out of your outfits.

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