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7 Of The Best TV Shows To Watch This Holiday Season

7 Of The Best TV Shows To Watch This Holiday Season


Now Halloween is out of the way, Thanksgiving is already jugging on the sidelines. The next stop, everyone’s favorite: Christmas. This means that the Holiday season is almost in full swing and now is the time to make a list of TV shows to watch all season long. Yes, we’re here for the food, family time, and relaxation but a good show makes all the aforementioned even better.

When it comes to the best TV shows for the Holiday season, there is the cliche rom-com (totally dig them), but also pile up a few more genres this season for diversity. If you have unlimited time at your fingertips, then watch ’em all. From drama series to sci-fi, you name it. But if you are running on a schedule (clear it now), curate your TV playlist ahead of time. Chances are, you won’t stop until you’re done anyway because there are shows that sneak up on you and all plans get canceled.

We’ve curated a few TV shows to watch right now…

#1. Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

Since its debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 1, The Rings of Power has evoked immense interest. From the unraveling mysteries to the relatable characters and, of course, the costume. The people of Middle-Earth might have had enough peace after the defeat of the dark god Morgoth’s servant thousands of years ago, but things are about to change. Sometimes grief keeps the fire of revenge burning against the complacency of others. That’s the case of the elven scion, Galadriel as she relentlessly tries to seek out Sauron. Lord Of The Ring can easily boast of one of the greatest adventure movies of all time.

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Production: Amazon Studio & New Line Cinema

Network: Amazon Prime Video

#2. The House of the Dragon

Once again, HBO takes us to Westeros where fire-breathing dragons, power, and love collide for a series that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This time, we go back in time hundreds of years when the House Targaryen ruled the seven kingdoms and it was taboo for a woman to seat on the iron throne. King Viserys I names his daughter Princess Rhaenyra heir to the throne and she has to create alliances, endure betrayal, and lose friends in order to solidify her claim. 

Genre: Action / Adventure /Fantasy

Production: GRRM • Bastard Sword •1:26 Pictures Inc. •HBO Entertainment

Network: HBO

#3. From Scratch

Decisions, decisions. That must have been the case for Amahle “Amy” Wheeler when she chose to put her Law career on hold to chase her artistic passion in Italy. This show is based on a true story and has a good sprinkle of love and an Italian chef. You know where this is going! This could have been the perfect love story but cancer’s grip may just be tight.

Genre: Drama

Production: This One & That One • 3 Arts Entertainment • Cinestar • Hello Sunshine

Network: Netflix

#4. Alchemy of Souls

This Korean romance show revolves around a powerful sorceress in a blind woman’s body who encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help to change his destiny. Set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps, the series is about the love and growth of young mages as they overcome their twisted fates due to a forbidden magic spell known as the “alchemy of souls,” which allows souls to switch bodies.

Genre: Romance / Action / Sageuk / Fantasy

Production: Studio Dragon • High Quality

Network: tvN / Netflix

#5. The Great British Baking Show: Holidays, Season 5

A baking competition by individuals from past seasons, like Prue Leith, with expert judges throwing in their expertise.  If you’re running out of recipe ideas for the season or love to binge on food competitions, this is one of the TV shows to watch to ignite the holiday spirit. The bakers are light-hearted, and you could learn a few culinary tricks.

Genre: Entertainment

Production: BBC

Network: Netflix

#6. She-Hulk: Attorney at law

When you live both lives, and each is set up to save humanity—how cool! That’s the story of Jennifer Walters, an attorney who specializes in “superhuman” cases by day and is a superhero, She-Hulk, by night. This life has its fair share of consequences. Marvel She-Hulk’s CGI, cameos, and comic tone are an excellently surprising angle the audience is intrigued by.

Genre: Science fiction / Comedy / Adventure / Legal Drama

Production: Marvel Studios

Network: Disney+

#7. The Crown

This historical TV show centers on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the ways it shaped the 21st century. This series was coined from the 2006 drama film: The Queen, and the 2013 play: The Audience by Peter Morgan. From The Queen’s marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh to Prince Charles’ marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. Simply put, if you’re interested in the royal family tea—this one is it.

Genre: Historical Drama

Production: Sony Pictures Television / Left Bank pictures

Network: Netflix

Featured image: David-Prado/iStock

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