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Taylor Swift To Collaborate With British Designer Stella McCartney For New Album ‘Lover’

Taylor Swift To Collaborate With British Designer Stella McCartney For New Album ‘Lover’

In the pursuit of passion, purpose and happiness, money must be made! That’s why we are no longer surprised when we see celebrities diversify into other ventures. The latest being a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney.

Just in case you were beginning to wonder, Stella McCartney is not about to show us her musical side. However, few days ago Taylor Swift took to Instagram Live to announce that she would be collaborating with the British designer for a collection that corresponds with her soon to be released album, “Lover.” 

Taylor Swift Lover

The album is scheduled to be released by August 23rd. She chose the release date, August 23, 2019, because the numbers of the date (eight, two, and three) add up to her favourite number, 13.

The album will be Taylor Swift’s seventh album and the first to be released via Republic Record label. For the first time, Taylor Swift will be releasing 18 tracks on one album. The romantic album will not only focus on the romance of love. For Taylor, the idea of something being romantic means it doesn’t have to be all love. For her, romance can be found in loneliness, sadness, going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life but looking at them with a romantic gaze.

The Lover album will also have 4 deluxe versions with unique content on each. The video for one of her new singles You Need To Calm Down off the album premiered on Good Morning America on June 17th. According to Wikipedia, Lover has surpassed Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande for the most pre-ordered album by a female artist in its first day on Apple Music, racking up more than 178,600 pre-adds worldwide on the platform.

Watch the video here…

For the collaboration with Stella McCartney, we are not sure what the merch will feature but we trust that we’d be seeing luxury fashion with a Taylor Swift edge. According to Taylor about Stell McCartney, “She’s been a friend for a really long time and also just a woman that I respect so much. I respect what she creates, how she creates it. There’s so much whimsy and imagination and romance to the clothing that she designs. I’ve worn a lot of her stuff recently, and she’s heard the new album, and this new collaboration is inspired by the album.”

Photo credit:, IG | Taylor Swift

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