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10 Interesting Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend

10 Interesting Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend


ransformation comes in different ways, but the best results are intentional and measurable. When you put in the work and see it pay off, few feelings of satisfaction measure up. Being deliberate about how you present yourself to the world determines how you’re perceived, and what better way to load up on inspiration than with stylish celebrity outfits that understand the assignment? For your slay adventures this weekend, ensure you do justice to any of these offerings spotted on A-listers that are bound to score you style points.

Check out stylish celebrity outfits to recreate this weekend…

#1. Jennifer Hudson

Photo: @jenniferhudsonshow/Instagram

A blue suit is a top pick in spring. The hue and fit bring a breath of fresh air to the fashion conversation. If your daily style picks verges on the side of bold tints, this should be a walkover. Jennifer Hudson’s choice is bold yet subtle, and above all, it sits on her frame like a second skin. Take a cue from this star and recreate the look for a weekend clientele meeting in town.

#2. Tia Mowry

Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram

Having an enjoyable family time helps the family, but leveling up the style game while at it is the definition of intentionality. Tia Mowry, alongside her daughter, attended the Bluey Movie premiere in an Alice and Olivia floral print jacket styled with flare jeans. Although the jacket is the paid actor of this look, the rendering is even better styled alongside the turn-up hem jeans. True collaboration at its finest. Before convincing yourself you have nothing to wear to the midday wine-tasting event, search your closet for a colorful blazer and jeans pair.

#3. Angela Simmons

Photo: @angelasimmons/Instagram

Try your hands on a bit of color mixing to achieve bold coordination. Truth be told, pulling off a rendition of a celeb outfit takes more than a mood board pin. It requires precision. Angela Simmons wore a colorful crochet-illusion set, twinning with a white and black knitted purse, and completed with black boots that stood on business. The mix and match is top-tier, thanks to her stylist JBolin. Attend game night in this fit, but the boots can leave after the first appearance.

#4. Sarayu Blue

Photo: @sarayublue/Instagram

Sarayu Blue was on the Deadline Contenders panel dressed up in a red leather coat paired with a brown mini dress and pumps. She leveraged an updo that revealed a simplistic face beat. The brown dress fit her earthy lip color and scored double points because the hue has been having its moment this season. In other words, a chocolate brown and red combo slaps. Consider the merger if you have to paint and sip at a local spot or to explore a museum.

#5. Benedetta Porcaroli

Photo: @bennipi/Instagram

An all-black pants getup on a progressive dinner night allows you free movement and still maintains its elegance. Benedetta Porcaroli was at a Pomellato event looking like a bag of money in a silky black top with a flowy train, chic black pants, and matching shoes. Here is an effortless way to look expensive at your next high school reunion without breaking the bank: opt for lush fabrics in black.

#6. Chloe Bailey

Photo: @chloebailey/Instagram

Your next Coachella outfit is sorted. If you have a concert to attend this weekend, score a few points in this Renaissance-themed ensemble. Chloe Bailey wore an embellished top with a complementary headgear styled with denim shorts and gold boots. The look was a blend of Egyptian goddess and street swagger, perfectly fit for the confident Queen.

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#7. Sarah Jakes Roberts

Photo: @sarahjakesroberts/Instagram

Whether you’re in the 90s or 2024, flare denim bottoms remains versed in passing the vibe check. Style washed-out denim with muted tones like brown or tan for a chic offering. Like Sarah Jakes Roberts, wear your wide-hem jeans with a brown tank top, a matching leather jacket, and oversized sunglasses like a baddie. This is a voguish day wear when heading out to grab lunch with friends.

#8. Savannah James

Photo: @icontips/Instagram

Everyone’s favorite WAG, Savannah James knows how to work a fine suit at all times. The Door fashion show in New York was another opportunity to show up and out, and she delivered. Gracing a seminar with colleagues or acquaintances in this fit is a literal fire.

#9. Sabrina Elba

Photo: @sabrinaelba/Instagram

The unproblematic Sabrina Elba is always dressed to the T, and minding her own business. That’s surely the secret behind her uninterrupted glow. Perusing the London streets, the star wore a sheer sleeveless top over brown cropped pants and animal print pumps. Her statement belt, which featured two hands locked in, spiced up the full rendering. Grab your laptop and head to a cafe for a relaxed WFH experience, and look stylish while at it.

#10. Beyoncé

Photo: @beyonce/Instagram

You can turn anything into a cool cowgirl look by adding one of the fad’s staples. Beyoncé takes a liking to cowboy boots and can turn any denim look into an elevated fashion must-have with it. Slide into a mini denim set or dress and inject the cowboy hat and boots to give it an automatic boost. If you are in an unfamiliar city and would love to make friends, head out in this outfit and go on a food-tasting spree.

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