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7 Things We Wish Men Would Stop Wearing In 2023

7 Things We Wish Men Would Stop Wearing In 2023



s adults, we believe no one should tell us what to wear and how to live our lives. That’s agreeable. But we only wish some things can be laid to rest because they might have become outdated or lost the wow effect. Rather than stay stuck on things that no longer serve, there are the latest cool trends in men’s fashion any stylish man should embrace. Nevertheless, there are things we still wish men would throw out the curb and never look back.

To reiterate, everyone has the right to wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in. But sometimes, certain fashion choices can make us cringe a little bit. Although fashion is a personal choice, some fashion choices can be a bit polarizing (you see how much emphasis I’m laying on the cringe effect?). What one person finds stylish and attractive, another might irk. For example, some people might find that certain styles, like man-buns or deep v-neck shirts, appeal to their taste. Others might feel that certain choices, like oversized pants or ultra-skinny jeans, are uncomfortable or unflattering.

While you have the right to your closet, it’s still acceptable for others to have opinions and preferences about certain style choices. As long as we respect others and their preferences, there’s no harm in discussing and sharing our thoughts on fashion trends. I still think these things should go, but hey, no pressure.

Check out 7 things men should ditch ASAP…

#1. Skinny jeans

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These pieces can be unflattering and uncomfortable for some men. Many men do not have the body type or build that looks good in skinny jeans. While that sounds like over-generalizing, Johnny Bravo might be a good citation.

Skinny jeans can highlight areas some men may be self-conscious about, such as their thighs or buttocks, and make them look smaller or unshapely. Additionally, since skinny jeans are so tight, they can be restrictive and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. I might be on to a new movement–#freethecrotch.

#2. Excess chains

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Wearing too many chains around the neck can create a look too busy which distracts from the outfit. When there are too many chains, it can be challenging to notice the other elements of a getup. It’s easy to be perceived as ostentatious or showy, which may not be the intended effect.

Some also perceive wearing excessive jewelry as a sign of insecurity or an attempt to overcompensate. This is because some people believe men who wear too much jewelry are trying to make up for something they lack in other areas, such as confidence or personality. It can also give the impression that the wearer is trying too hard to be noticed.

This is real life and not a costume for a hip-hop video. If you’re a repentant defaulter and finally believe excessive jewelry is one of the styles men should ditch, welcome home soldiers.

#3. Sandals with socks

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Wearing sandals with socks has been a controversial fashion choice for years, and it’s a trend many hope would disappear (I, inclusive). Wearing socks with sandals is often seen as a fashion no-no, particularly in more formal or business settings. It often looks unkempt, which is not a good impression to give off.

Also, this combo can make your feet feel hot and sweaty, particularly if you’re wearing thick socks. We all know the heavy stench this pair has the potential to create. From the comfort side of things, sandals are meant to be a relaxed and breathable option for your feet. Adding socks can defeat the purpose.

#4. Choker necklace

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This might sound cliché, but if you’re not aiming for a rock n roll look, let the chokers be. Chokers are not as hot as they used to be, anyways. In 2023, they are one of the styles men should ditch. These accessories can make the outfit seem unbalanced or out of place.

Choker necklaces can be difficult to style and may not be appropriate in all settings. For instance, they can be seen as too casual for formal events, or too flashy for more low-key occasions. Give them a rest and solidly wait for their resurgence. What goes around comes around.

#5. Oversized, saggy pants

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Oversized, saggy pants have been criticized for promoting an unkempt and sloppy appearance, and for being impractical and uneasy. If you’re not a prisoner in need of new belts or a high school kid still trying to figure himself out, let it go.

Opponents of the style argue that it sends a negative message and contributes to the criminalization of youths of color. The style has been associated with gangs, and some municipalities have even passed laws banning the style, citing concerns over public indecency and safety.

#6. Speedos

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One of the styles men should ditch is definitely speedos because they can be seen as overly revealing and inappropriate in certain settings. For example, if a man wears speedos to a public beach or swimming pool, it may be seen as disrespectful towards other people who may not feel comfortable around such revealing clothing. Yes, we’re in 2023 and in a “mind your business” era, but save a bit more for the imagination. There are much more trends to explore, these pieces also seem dated.

Another concern with speedos is that they can be uncomfortable for some wearers. Speedos are designed to fit tightly against the skin, which can be painful for some men, particularly if they are not used to wearing such tight clothing.

#7. Cologne overload

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One of the main reasons why we wish too much cologne should be added to the styles men should ditch is because it can be overwhelming and even nauseating. It might not be clothing, but this is a state of emergency. When a person wears too much cologne, it can create a strong and overpowering scent that lingers in the air and can be difficult to escape from. This can be particularly problematic in enclosed spaces, such as elevators or small offices.

In addition to being overpowering, wearing too much cologne can also be seen as inconsiderate and disrespectful toward other people’s preferences and sensitivities. Some people may have allergies or sensitivities to certain scents, and being exposed to an overwhelming amount of cologne can be uncomfortable or even cause harm. A little empathy, guys!

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