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Men’s Style Guide: 8 Of The Best Office Shoes For Men

Men’s Style Guide: 8 Of The Best Office Shoes For Men


ometimes, it’s easy to underestimate the part shoes play in our outfits and overall look, but a memorable fashion moment keeps the footwear in mind. When selecting formal/office wear, knowing the best type of shoes should also be considered. This is because not every shoe is suitable for a formal setting, especially when it comes to menswear. Once you figure out the best office shoes for men, the next step is to proceed to pair them with the right outfits. 

An important factor to consider when choosing footwear for work is the duration of time you’ll spend wearing them, and also how frequently you’ll be moving about. That is to say, a guy who spends more time walking about the office premises or catching in-person meetings will have to think extra as opposed to the man who sits at his desk all day. How tight are your shoes? What are the heels like? Are they cross-laced? Do they have round or elongated noses? These questions are necessary when selecting office shoes. 

Based on rules of formalities in different offices and general working environments, the following eight shoe types are great choices for office wear and settings. 

Check out 8 of the best office shoes for men…

#1. Brogue shoes

photo of a pair of brogue shoes for men and a shirt
Photo: Terje Sollie/Pexels

Brogue gets its name from its namesake design/decoration style. This “perforated” decoration is also present in some other shoe types. For instance, oxfords can also be decorated with holes to make them look fanciful, but that doesn’t mean they cease to be oxfords. The brogue design adds to the dressy feel of this shoe type and makes it a perfect fit for more formal pants. Some have a ‘W’ shape at the upper part. These are called wingtips.

#2. Oxford shoes

photo of a pair of Oxford shoes for men
Photo: Noah Smith/Pexels

Oxford shoes are a next-level formality, and most stylish men agree. For decades, this office shoe for men has been favored for its versatility. What’s more, its round or elongated nose gives it a unique look while its closed-throat lacing system makes the trousers’ edges sit just right.

#3. Loafers

photo of a pair of mens loafers
Photo: Elnur Memmednebiyev/Pexels

Slip-on and flat shoes are other names people call loafers. It is due to their lowness/flatness, and also because they have no lace. The absence of a lacing system on this shoe can help you be more dynamic with your fit. 

There are several types of loafers available so you can knock yourself out when it comes to one that’s best for you. From Venetian Loafers (much formal of all loafers characterized by their soles and heels) to Tassel Loafers (they are decorated with tassels at the camp and are favored by both older and younger men), Penny, and Bit Loafers, any man will certainly be able to make a pick from the variety of options.

#4. Derby shoes

photo of a pair of mens derby shoes
Photo: Prada

Fourth on this list of the best office shoes for men are derby shoes. One can easily mistake oxford shoes for derby shoes due to their similarities. The best way to tell them apart is to observe the lacing system. Derby shoes have open-throat lacing that is absent in oxfords. They also have closed-throat lacing.

When it comes to styling this bunch, you’ll really be spoilt for choice. They work well with suits, a plain shirt and office pants combo, and other formal outfits. You can visit sites like the Bruno Marc website to get a pair of quality and affordable derby shoes that are unquestionably stylish.

#5. Dress boots

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Dress boots are a unique kind of shoe. They blend the construction of both oxford and derby shoes (open-throat and closed-throat lacing system) with ankle-height swag. The boot option you get with dress boots means they work well in the fall and winter seasons. 

Like other ankle boots, you can style dress boots with officewear and casualwear. From jeans to chinos and work pants, this footwear hits the mark every time. When aiming for a formal look, it’s best to go for the less chunky styles.  

#6. Chelsea boots

photo of a pair of Chelsea boot shoes for men
Photo: Pinterest

Chelsea boots are ankle-high boots with no laces or buckles and have an elastic side panel. In addition, they lack a fastening mechanism and have a neat, streamlined appearance. These features play a role in their versatility, as just like dress boots, they work great with different outfit types. 

#7. Opera pump shoes

photo of a pair of opera pump shoes for men
Photo: Carmina

Coming from the past and the ancient court outfits, opera pumps are still doing their thing without breaking a sweat. These may not be your everyday work shoes but opera pumps are the ultimate way to make a statement during important office meetings and events. For certain industries like fashion and entertainment, you can definitely wear these bad boys as often as you need to make an impression.  

With regards to color and material, black and calfskin take the cake hands down. This should come as no surprise as black manages to pair perfectly with any outfit you may decide to wear. And calfskin? Well, it’s cool. Slide into your favorite suit and score major points with this shoe.

#8. Monk straps

photo of a pair of monk strap shoes for men
Photo: Hugo Boss

Monk strap shoes are the type of shoe that have either single or double straps
(usually called monk straps). They have gotten popular in recent times by becoming the go-to dress shoes for many stylish men on social media. No jokes, we can’t overemphasize the attention and compliment these men are stirring up on social media, especially Instagram. 

What are the shoes you should avoid wearing to the office…

  • Sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Patent leather shoes (too shiny. Perhaps, you can save them for a wedding)
  • Velvet slippers
  • Athletic shoes are like running shoes
  • Work boots 

Things to look for when selecting office shoes for men…

#1. Quality leather body

best office shoes for men
Photo: The Lazy Artist Gallery/Pexels

The fact that our feet are hidden in shoes most of the day doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider their health. In contrast to sneakers, rubber shoes, and other informal shoes, office shoes are made of quality leather. This is to enhance durability, resistance against water and other liquids, and makes the leg comfortable while at work.

#2. Heels

Photo: gya den/Pexels

Heel shoes are more formal compared to other options. This is why it is advisable to wear heeled loafers to the office as opposed to flat versions. Heels also give you more cushion and good wear compared to flat shoes.

#3. Sole

Photo: Вальдемар/Pexels

Checking the kind of soles your footwear has doesn’t mean you are selective. In fact, if you choose to be, there’s nothing wrong with that because a dandy man shouldn’t settle for less. Rubber soles are nice because they are resistant to the elements and are perfect for everyday use. Avoid chunky soles in the office.

Final thought

When dressing for the office, remember the dress code allowed in your place of work and then use this list of the best office shoes for men and pair them accordingly. In all, it’s advisable to have at least three types of shoes for work to enable you to switch up your style as you please. 

Featured image: Andrey Popov/Pexels

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