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SR Cribs: Inside Bonang Matheba’s Stylish And Contemporary Home

SR Cribs: Inside Bonang Matheba’s Stylish And Contemporary Home


As you find new hobbies to indulge in during this global lockdown period, we’ve made it our duty to help you work on some of those goals you’ve been procrastinating on for ages—like reorganizing your home for a more contemporary flair. On that note, we’re touring South African media it-girl Bonang Matheba’s home as shown to Top Billing in 2018.

Bonang Matheba’s house, located in a serene country estate, is an ultramodern haven seductively blended in a mix-match of black and white. The interior design was done by Jessica Hofmeyr while Joanne Reynolds worked on its architecture. The architect revealed that she used exposed steel, timber, and concrete to give the exterior of the house an elegant industrial feel.

Bonang Matheba

For the interior design, Bonang Matheba allowed the decor expert full creative control to surprise her while incorporating some of Bonang’s ideas. As can be seen, the theme for Bonang Matheba’s home is black and white, which she says is a “fashion secret because those colors will never let you down whenever you do not know what to go for even in the world of fashion.”

“…those colors will never let you down whenever you do not know what to go for even in the world of fashion.”

– Bonang Matheba on Black & White

The staircase of Bonang Matheba’s home is made of exposed concrete and the staircase’s lone wall is lined with uniform photo frames that tell the story of her rise—from her 15-year-old debut to her current superstar status in the South African entertainment industry. But the staircase is just the tip of the iceberg of Bonang Matheba’s beautiful contemporary home as there’s so much to see and get inspired by.

5 home decorating tips from Bonang’s house

  1. Less is always more when it comes to designing and decorating a sophisticated, contemporary-style home.
  2. Whether it’s in the house design, furniture selection, or use of accents, opt for vertical or horizontal lines or curved shapes as strong visible lines create classy spaces.
  3. Pick a color palette and stick with it! Be conscious of your color choices when buying new furniture. The fewer colors in a home, the cleaner and cozier it looks.
  4. Instead of spreading photo frames all over the house like in traditional homes, dedicate a wall or two for that purpose and organize the frames in an artistic way that adds glamor to your home.
  5. Keep flooring simple by using bare and smooth options like wood, tile, or vinyl. Carpets should be used as accents and for defining small spaces within a larger space.

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Photo credit: Instagram | bonang_m images pictures of Bonang Matheba’s house


Watch the full house tour

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