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SR Bridal: Let’s Talk Coral Bead Adornments

SR Bridal: Let’s Talk Coral Bead Adornments

Cultural adornments, especially coral beads is a norm for traditional bridal looks. Since adornment is a term that refers to ornaments or accessories used to magnify the beauty or status of the wearer, you now clearly see why every tribe in Nigeria and Africa as a whole richly adorns a bride on her wedding day.

In Nigeria, coral beads are the most popular form of adornment used on brides. Each tribe/ethnic group have their own unique way of adorning a bride with coral beads.

Igbo bride @ada_obiako

The goal is to help the bride stand out on her big day, which is why the one thing wedding guests aren’t allowed to do is over adorn themselves with coral beads. In addition, beaded jewellery contribute to the glamour of the traditional wedding and are symbolic of the bride’s culture.

Here’s a quick look at how a few tribes adorn their brides…

Delta Bride



Yoruba Bride


Igbo Bride


Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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