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Shop Our Editor’s Picks Of The Trendiest Luxury Handbags For Summer

Shop Our Editor’s Picks Of The Trendiest Luxury Handbags For Summer


Luxury handbags are one of every girl’s favorite toys as they not only amp your style game, but also exude an air of class and refinement. Whatever your personal style may be –– casual, chic, bohemian, trendy –– there are different types of designer handbags that would be perfect for some serious slay this summer. 

It’s okay to dream a little before finding the right occasion to offer yourself a beautiful handbag so our editors have brought you a selection of the trendiest designer handbags that are sure to fit into your look, no matter what’s on your itinerary. Why go for a designer piece? We can all agree that it is better to invest in a fabulous handbag that gives you value for your money and is sure to last a good while. Plus, this summer 2022 trendy selection is an easy way to stay fashionably relevant while still maintaining your unique style.  

If these bags have the power to make the eyes pop, they also have the power to elevate your ‘slay sauce‘ as you continue to build a wardrobe that is truly representative of your most stylish self. Ready for some handbag fun? Here are our editor’s top picks just for you. 

Shop our editor’s picks of the top designer handbag trends for the 2022 summer season…

#1. Straw bags

michael kors straw handle bag

No doubt, straw bags are absolutely season-appropriate. Picture yourself ready for your vacay-slay decked in an effortlessly stylish outfit that evokes the pleasant easy-breezy-beautiful vibe. Then pair that number with an equally pleasant straw bag and your summer-slay status is uncontested.

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#2. Half-moons

designer handbag trends 2022

Half-moon bags are the order of the day this summer, and it’s not rocket science to figure out why. Firstly, they give an interesting flair to any ensemble — thanks to their unique shape. Next, they are so easy to carry that they conveniently fit hung on your arm or carried on your shoulders. This is certainly one designer handbag trend for 2022 that most women agree with regardless of their personal preference. 

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#3. Beaded marvels

luxury handbag trends 2022 jimmy choo

Still holding on to the allure of the moment, beaded bags are making an uncontested case for haute. Blame it on their chicness or their ability to max out your look. This season, things have become even more exciting considering they come in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and shapes. All that’s required is that you make your pick to match your personality. Easy-peasy.

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#4. Delicate trinkets/minis

ESTILÉ Petit Bardot Flamingos mini bag

Jacquemus kicked off the craze with minis in 2019 with the launch of its Le Chiquito Bag, and this is still one of our favorite designer handbag trends for 2022. For summer, the goal is to go wild with blinding hues like pinks, oranges, powder blues, and several others. Another interesting addition to the minis trend is embellished trinkets. These crafty options are the perfect company for your nighttime outfits.

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#5. Bucket bags

bottega venetta cassette bucket bag

Yup, they still haven’t gone out of style, and we’re particularly glad. But who can blame us? Bucket bags are downright pragmatic! In spite of its humble beginnings as a champagne carrier created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton 1900s, their 2022 counterparts are holding their own on the style streets. Interesting stitches, sizes, and renditions have endeared bucket bags to today’s stylish woman.

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#6. Convenient totes/oversized 

GUCCI Ophidia faux raffia & leather tote bag

Go big or go home has never been truer. The designer handbag trends of 2022 also feature large totes and oversized boho bags that prove the relevance of convenience. Whether you’re making a long vacation trip, visiting friends for the weekend, or just running errands, sizeable bags make it easy for you to “carry-all” without breaking a sweat.

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