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9 Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

The average woman loves shoes, and we totally get why. Other than how well they elevate any look, shoes are a great way to make a fashion statement without doing too much. If you love shoes as much as I do, certainly, you know that quality shoes don’t come cheap. Therefore, it’s imperative that proper care and maintenance measures are put into place to help your shoes stick around for a long time. Consequently, shoe care tips are needed. 

Whether you’re a sporty-chic kinda girl with a robust collection of sneakers, or you’re a classic babe who loves pumps, these shoe care tips will work for you. Generally speaking, all shoes will respond well to care and you don’t necessarily need different methods for different shoes. That is to say, with only a few tips, your shoe care game will work for any shoe. Yes, including boots, crocs, sandals, and even wedges. 

Check out 9 shoe care tips to ensure your shoes stay as good as new…

#1. Avoid plastic shoe bags/boxes

Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Plastic is air-tight and provides a good environment for moisture to thrive. And guess what? Moisture and some types of shoe materials don’t work well. In addition, the soles of shoes need proper air circulation and therefore, plastic bags will not serve them well. It is best to use bags made of breathable fabric to store shoes.  

#2. Don’t drag your feet

Photo: Godisable Jacob/Pexels

Yeah, mum was right all those years she told you to stop dragging your feet. Other than the annoying sound it makes, dragging your feet will destroy the soles of your shoes faster than you can say BOOM. So, lift your feet when you walk. 

#3. Give your shoes enough room

Photo: Christian Diokno/Pexels

Make sure your shoes have a space in your closet and are well spaced out in arrangement. Never throw shoes haphazardly into your wardrobe or a bag, as this can scuff the material and misshapen them.

#4. Stuff your shoes

Maintain the shape of soft leather or suede shoes by loosely stuffing them with clean tissues or old newspaper. This will ensure they hold their original shape in the long run. Thus, you get to enjoy them for longer.

#5. Take them off

Photo: PNW Production/Pexels

Believe it or not, taking off your dress shoes when necessary e.g., as soon as you get home, helps prolong their shape, heel, and lifespan. While you walk around in those heels at home, all that stomping and moving can damage the soles. The idea is to wear your shoes when needed and store them properly when not in use. In addition, as much as possible, endeavor not to take long walks in heels.

#6. Avoid direct sunlight

Photo: Najla Cam/Unsplash

Keeping leather and suede shoes away from direct heat or sunlight prevents them from drying out and shrinking in size. It also keeps the from developing wrinkles which certainly ruins the look of your shoes.

#7.  Air-dry your shoes

Photo: Yalamber Limbu/Unsplash

Of course, a good air dry is also good for shoes. In addition, store them in a cool, warm environment. Leather shoes should have a full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration between wearings.

#8. Clean and condition often

Photo: Lina Verovaya/Unsplash

To clean your leather and patent leather shoes, wipe them down with a bit of soap on a damp cloth. Never use water in cleaning suede shoes and always remember to brush off the dirt using a shoe or toothbrush. Since leather is skin, it’s in your best interest to condition expensive leather shoes before wearing and every other few months to avoid drying, cracking, and damage.

#9. Polish your shoes

Photo: Skylar Kang/Pexels

Keep your shoes looking sharp and shiny with good polish sessions. Although this should be taken with care as excessive polishing form residual layers on the shoe, in the long run, they can damage your shoes. 

Following these shoe care tips will prolong the lifespan of your expensive twins. Now, get to showing your shoes some love, and be sure to share any other tips you have with fellow readers in the comment box below.

Featured image: Snack Toronto/Pexels 

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