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How To Store All Your Shoes Properly

How To Store All Your Shoes Properly

Some people develop a totally incomprehensible passion for shoes during their lifetime (me included), and daily, finding a place for each pair is a challenge. Not only this category, but if you are working with a limited space storing your shoes can be quite a challenge as well. Under these circumstances of either too much shoes or too little space, what are some shoe storage ideas that can help you keep your shoes properly and also preserve them for the long run?

If this rollercoaster with owning shoes has reached breaking point–that is to say you have shoes in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway, living room…and everywhere in between–then you’re in a shoemergency! However, one thing is certainly out of the question: you are not getting rid of your precious pairs of uber-stylish-fashion-statements! Of course we get that, so here are a few shoe storage ideas you can explore that not only keep your shoes in great condition, but also keeps them for the long run.

Check out 4 easy storage ideas for your shoes…

#1. The shoe boxes

Photo: Maxwell Nelson | Unsplash

To store your shoes neatly without the associated cost, keep your shoe boxes so they can be stacked in your closets, thus maximizing space. Also, to save you time in the mornings you need to quickly find the shoes to wear, stick a photo of the model on the front of the box or write down its characteristics (black pumps, white sneakers, etc.). This makes it super easy to pair up an ensemble without having to empty all the boxes. This is a great way to keep your shoes in order while saving the environment. Go, superheroine Jane!

#2. Store your shoes under the stairs

Well thought out, built-in storage can also take place under the staircase. If you have a staircase at home, get creative and use underneath it as a storage for your fab footwear, rather than allow that space go to waste. You can have your carpenter make a piece of made-to-measure furniture that will adapt to the available sub-slope.

Usually, in the form of lockers, these pieces of furniture can accommodate the shoes directly on their shelves. For more discretion, dress the shelves with baskets and place the shoes inside. Crafty, isn’t it?

#3. A transparent box

If you own far too many pairs of shoes, buy a transparent box with rollers and put the shoes that are not in season into it, after which snug against each other or one above the other. Do remember to fill the shoes with paper so that they do not warp. Then proceed to slide the box under your bed or on the top of your wardrobe so they don’t collect dust.

#4. PVC tubes

For DIY enthusiasts, here is a simple and original solution to make your own shoe storage. These PVC tubes are available in your usual DIY or plumbing stores at a low cost. A few strokes of the saw and brush later, the result is fabulous! You can repaint them or cover them with pretty wallpaper to make them chic.

Featured image: Robin | Pexels

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