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5 Of The Most Romantic Places To Propose In Lagos

5 Of The Most Romantic Places To Propose In Lagos


As we all know, the marriage proposal is one of the most romantic rituals to perform in order to usher your relationship into the next phase. If you’re ready for the big leap and having a hard finding the perfect location to propose to the love of your life, that’s pretty normal because everything has to be perfect, right? Luckily for you, we’ve curated the top romantic places to propose in Lagos.

Next to the wedding day, the engagement day is the most special day for any romantic relationship and must be treated as such; which is why we are super excited to help you get a YES from your missing rib. If you live in Lagos or happen to be in the city within the period of your planned proposal, then this article is what you need. We’ve curated a list of the most romantic places in Lagos, including non-obvious locations, where you can pop the question and be assured that your already-contacted wedding planner stays employed. Let’s get started…

Check out the top 5 most romantic places to propose in Lagos…

#1. The Sky Restaurant

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A restaurant nestled above the buzzing city in a penthouse located in Eko Hotel, the view from the Sky Restaurant is everything and more. It boasts a ‘wow’ factor that is hard to dispute, and its picturesque view of both the city and the Atlantic Ocean further adds to that factor. All you have to do is take your special someone on a dinner date and the ambiance of this place will set the mood right, we promise.

Tip: Start by ordering some champagne and then reminding her that she’s all that makes your world bubble. Did you get the pun?

#2. Terra Kulture

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Is your partner a sucker for arts and culture? Then this spot is perfecto! Terra Kulture’s main feature is the art gallery, but it also offers other attractions like a restaurant, a craft shop, and a theatre.

Take her out for a stage play and after that, stop by for a meal at the restaurant and the rest of the proposal should be history. This unforced scenario will make a long-lasting impression on her mind and heart.

Tip: Sundays are the best days to visit.

#3. 788 on The Sea

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Located at Twin Waters, the view of The Atlantic Ocean and the mouth-watering seafood at 788 is everything you need to plan an upscale proposal with your closest people witnessing your happy moment. She simply wouldn’t forget the beauty of the moment. Interestingly, many would-be-weds choose this restaurant for their engagement. Little wonder it makes this list of one of the most romantic places to propose in Lagos

Tip: Propose a toast to get everyone’s attention and then go for the big question. They even have a resident pianist so get him/her involved somehow. Oooh!! This would be movie-quality romantic. Don’t you just love, love?

#4. La Manga Luxury Beach

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It is almost impossible to go wrong at this beach. Located at Ilashe Island, far away from the Lagos bustle, the soothing sea breeze and the gentle voice of the waves are always a great wingman for a romantic proposal. If she is a private person and a sea lover, then this intimate setting is your sure bet to get her blushing from ear to ear as she whispers an assuring yes.

Tip: Surprise her with an oceanside dinner and after that, try to build a sandcastle together (at a safe distance from the ocean!). When your partner isn’t looking, put the ring on the highest tower. Winks.

#5. Hi-impact Planet Amusement Park

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While Hi-impact is geographically located in Ogun State, it is very close to Lagos. The park is totally amazing; there are so many fun things to do and if you do things right, your partner would be chattering about her proposal to her friends for weeks and ages to come.

There are so many activities to choose from — the kite flyer, crazy jump, and spring ride amongst others. Best believe, so many ideas will pop up in your head in this place. Steal perfect moments while your partner goes on a ride, stay back and spell the words as she turns. Afterwards, wait at the entrance with a ring in your hand as she approaches you.

Tip: Want to jump on the spring ride with her and propose at the very top? No problem. Just be sure you don’t drop the ring!

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