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How to Rock Business Casual Attire Stylishly | Menswear Guide

How to Rock Business Casual Attire Stylishly | Menswear Guide

As the name implies, business casual is a mix of business and casual wears that allows you to exude your personality and style when dressing for work or semi-formal events . There is no specific guideline to this and a lot of men tend to cross the line.

For so long the conservative suit and tie look was the standard for professional men but the style game has changed over the years and men have adapted to the changing formal attire culture. The days are over when men were nervous to dress stylishly to work. No longer is suit and tie considered the only acceptable look for businessmen or smart workers. In fact, how smart you dress is now being judged as a peek into how creative you are. In adaptation, men have totally upped their style game and now business-casual is the go-to look for most men, unless of course you work in very traditional work environments or you’re attending business events which call for traditional elegance in your attire.

We have put together key essentials our male Style Ravens need to pull off the business-casual look flawlessly.

Ditch the office suit for a tailored jacket/blazer


When it comes to clothing, remember fit is key and this goes for your blazers and jackets too. Your blazer should be classy, trendy and stylish without being too formal so opt for blazers that say you are professional but not overly conservative.

Wear trousers that don’t slack off


Chinos are the most sought after business casual trousers because they boost the appeal of casual looks, but they are still quite laid-back.

If your office permits you to wear jeans, then you may want to go for something more on the formal end of the denim spectrum: mid-to-dark wash with absolutely no rips, heavy fading and definitely not skinny jeans.

Pick up shirts that speak for themselves


Shirts are the focal point of the business casual look and so you would want your shirt to be more business than casual as you want to appear confident and not floppy.

Giving the tie a rest from your business casual look is a good idea, and will lend to a more relaxed aesthetic as long as you opt for shirts with neutral or classic colour schemes.

Have fun with your shoes


Shoes can make or break the overall look you are trying to achieve. Dress shoes are your safest best as sneakers might just over-casualize your business-casual look.

These are your basic dress shoes but you could also switch up your style with a pair of suede, boots or even sneakers if your workplace permits.

Add cardigans to the mix


Cardigans give your business wardrobe a pop especially when worn in bright colours and they make fine layering pieces for the business-casual look. Cardigans are a great replacement for blazers but do well to avoid the extremely patterned and colourful cardigans.

So what’s your go to attire for the office? Business, casual or business-casual? Be sure to tag us to your dapper office looks using #StyleRave_

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