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Retro Evolution! Sretsis SS18 Collection Gives Off An Extra Jolt Of Romanticism

Retro Evolution! Sretsis SS18 Collection Gives Off An Extra Jolt Of Romanticism

Fashion brand Sretsis was founded in 2012 by the bond of three sisters Pim, Kly and Matina. The name Sretsis may sound foreign but is simply sisters spelt backwards. The label’s first break into the U.S. market came when Paris and Nicky Hilton were photographed wearing the brand’s buttoned chambray dress and since then the label has continued to be recognized and mentioned globally in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Instyle and a host of others. Clothes from the label have been worn by other celebrities like Beyonce and Zooey Deschannel.

One unique thing about the label is its aim to be globally aware with its design and also the use of different eras to create spectacular pieces with nostalgic detailing. Their spring/summer 2018 collection is definitely cut out of the above ideology as it features a time-capsule comprising of looks from the 40’s to 90’s era with a modern-day attitude. According to the label, in creating this collection they thought about the beauty of love, hence the floral vibes with a huge red splash.

According to designer,

Oft They Say, Life Imitates Art but for Sretsis Spring – Summer 2018, the nuptials creative director, had love on our minds. The ever-present positivity that shines through in the sretsis, every offering received an extra jolt of rose-tinted romanticism with a collection of feel good fashion. From 40’s inspired Americana beachwear, do-good (for the sake of doing good!) Girl scout uniforms, summer essentials in natural fabrics embroidered with the language of flowers and bees that happily propagate the blooms and lastly a saccharine offering of floral printed chiffon dresses; spring-summer 2018 just has us positively buzzing with the overwhelming urge of sending good vibes.

A Look at the collection…


Source: Pinterest, IG | Beautiful Valentina

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