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SR International: Regina Hall Talks About Turning 50, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers and Co-Star Nicole Kidman’s Methods

SR International: Regina Hall Talks About Turning 50, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers and Co-Star Nicole Kidman’s Methods


Like her character, Carmel in Hulu’s upcoming drama “Nine Perfect Strangers,” Regina Hall, who reportedly has a net worth of $6 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth, loves wellness. On the show–which is based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty–Carmel undergoes a variety of experimental therapies at an upscale Northern California wellness retreat run by Nicole Kidman’s mysterious, somewhat menacing character, Masha. The real-life Hall, 50, takes multiple sets of vitamins every day and practices Transcendental Meditation. She says she’s better at the mental and spiritual parts of self-care than getting physical treatments, joking, “My toes and I, we need a pedicure.” Regina Hall age

Regina Hall was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and has been acting since her 20s, when her father’s unexpected death made her re-evaluate her decision to pursue journalism. She had her breakout at age 29, as Brenda Meeks in “Scary Movie,” a character she then played in the next three installments. A little over a decade ago, she considered leaving acting to join a convent, but was turned away because she was too old. Recently, Hall has acted in the movies “Girls Trip” and “The Hate U Give” and in TV shows including “Insecure” and “Black Monday,” and last year her production company, Rh Negative, signed a first-look deal with Showtime and a six-picture feature deal with ViacomCBS. Regina Hall net worth


Here, she speaks to WSJ. about her beauty routine and why turning 50 marked the beginning of her “Fox Season.” Regina Hall net worth

Here are some things Regina Hall revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

What time do you get up on Mondays? What’s the first thing you do after waking up?

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I wake between 6:30 and 7:15. The first thing I do when I wake up, well, gosh, it’s not that amazing, I pee. And honestly, I’ll check my phone, because I sleep with my phone on silent.

Do you take any vitamins?

Well, I take so many vitamins. That might be the whole article. There’s a few I take in the morning before I eat, and then I eat and take another set, and then I take another set in the evening, and then another set. Regina Hall age

Is there a time of the day or week when you’re most creative?

I’m writing something with my writing partner, and I feel like we kind of get cooking in the early evening to night, unfortunately.

What’s your beauty routine like?

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Well, that’s very important too, I must say. I wash my face in the morning and at night, and I moisturize it. I usually use a good cleanser; I love [one with] witch hazel afterwards. And then I usually use a vitamin C serum or moisturizer and then a sunblock. I use Avalon Organics moisturizer sometimes. I also love to put argan oil on my skin. Regina Hall net worth

In Nine Perfect Strangers, what was working with Nicole Kidman like when she was doing her Russian accent?

Oh, it was great. It was so funny because I didn’t hear Nicole without an accent until she wrapped, when she finished her last scene, which was a little bit before us. She gave a thank-you speech when she was leaving, and I was like, That’s her! She really stayed in her accent. There were moments where I would look in between [scenes] and see the Nicole smile. She has such a warmth about her.

Did starring in the TV show make you think about wellness differently at all?

No, I mean, I love wellness. It made me think of how I wish everyone had access to it. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve discovered it in my life. I do believe it serves us so much. For me, in terms of having a break, calibrating, changing how I might look at things, that kind of forces you to take responsibility for a lot of stuff in your life. Regina Hall age

You wrote a funny song [“A Bitch Is Old Today”] to celebrate your birthday, and posted a video singing it; then on the Ellen Show recently, you joked about turning 50 and being in your Fox Season. What does that mean to you?

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When I was making the song, I looked up the definition of bitch, for whatever reason. Everyone is like, It’s a female dog. But I actually found out it’s a female dog, it’s a female fox, it’s a female otter—and I love otters—so it was exciting to see all the other animals that were called that, as much as I love dogs. It made me think, I’m entering Fox Season. It has to do with another perspective of seeing the passage of time and the beauty of getting older. The alternative is no birthday, and the only way that happens is…well. If that’s not a great way to have some gratitude, there isn’t one. Just being grateful to be alive. Regina Hall net worth

Read the full interview here.

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