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How To Make An Effective DIY Natural Sunscreen At Home

How To Make An Effective DIY Natural Sunscreen At Home


Have you stepped out of a building by 1 pm on a sunny day? If yes, then you know that the heat emanating from the sun is certainly not a joke. Your skin begins to feel like it is literally burning. Some of us can avoid being under the sun because we spend most of the time indoors, but for those who necessity demands they be out in the sun, you’ve got to protect your skin anyway you can. Wear a hat, use your umbrella, and above all, invest in a good sunscreen. Recipe for homemade sunscreen.

Getting a sunscreen shouldn’t be difficult as a lot of beauty stores online and physically stock up on really good ones. However, if you are into DIYs and natural skincare, you can simply make an all-natural one for yourself. This is really exciting as you get to know every ingredient contained in your product. Talk about au naturel! Homemade sunscreen.

Check out this effective recipe for homemade sunscreen you’ll love…

Photo: Daria Shevtsova | Pexels

In order to make your sunscreen, you’ll need a handful of products. Some of which you already have lying in your kitchen, but others you may need to purchase. Of course, that’s no need to fear as they are all readily available for purchase online, you’ll only need to know where to look. However, you’ll find that a simple Google search sure goes a long way.


You’ll be needing:

  • Double boiler:  This is just put a glass bowl over a simmering pot of shallow water.
  • Kitchen scale: (After all, accurate weighing is everything).
  • Face mask: (Of course we all have this, thanks to the pandemic :()
  • Containers: This is for storing your sunscreen
  • 35cl coconut oil Recipe for homemade sunscreen.
  • 30cl carrier oil: (You can opt for either almond or jojoba oil as they can be found easily.)
  • 20g shea butter
  • 20g zinc oxide: (This can easily be purchased online).
  • 10cl vitamin E
  • 40 drops of essential oils: (I personally prefer lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus and cedarwood)


Photo: GLOBENCER | Unsplash
  1. Measure all your ingredients and add them into a glass bowl. However, skip adding the zinc oxide at this point, that will go in later. Next, place the bowl over a simmering pot of water. Homemade sunscreen.
  2. Once the shea butter has completely melted and mixed with the other ingredients, carefully remove the glass bowl and set aside. Make sure to wipe down condensation on the bowl as you don’t want water getting into your sunscreen.
  3. Next, add the zinc oxide slowly and whisk to your desired consistency. That is to say you should be looking out for thickness at this point. If you want your product thicker, add in more zinc oxide and vice versa. Ensure you have your face covered while doing this.
  4. Finally, pour your ‘creation’ into containers and store in a cool dry place. Voila! Your natural sunscreen is ready for use.

Featured image: Content Pixie | Unsplash

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