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Be Quirky And Stand Out By Styling Your Blazers The LISA FOLAWIYO Way

Be Quirky And Stand Out By Styling Your Blazers The LISA FOLAWIYO Way


Creative Director of Jewel by Lisa, Lisa Folawiyo who is also the queen of self-styling sure knows how to serve trendsetting goals with her style. Lisa can officially be crowned the queen of quirky style as she has consistently proven that she’s free-spirited in her take on fashion and style as a whole. While some would prefer to refer to Lisa Folawiyo as a fashion designer, we see her as more of a fashion engineer who is constantly constructing distinct looks with her designer pieces including one of her fave pieces, the oversized boyfriend blazer.

The oversized boyfriend blazer has been hot for decades and it’s easy to get bored of wearing the look the usual way but Lisa Folawiyo has all the reasons that will  make you want to experiment with the blazer look even more. Seeing as blazers and jackets are making a statement for Fall 2018, let Lisa school you on unique ways you can style your blazers.

A look at her creatively engineered blazer styling choices…

quirky-stand-styling-blazers-lisa-folawiyo-wayquirky-stand-styling-blazers-lisa-folawiyo-way quirky-stand-styling-blazers-lisa-folawiyo-way quirky-stand-styling-blazers-lisa-folawiyo-way

Photo credit: IG | Lisafolawiyo

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