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Prepare To Be Obessed With Catsuits Just Like Your Favourite Style Stars

Prepare To Be Obessed With Catsuits Just Like Your Favourite Style Stars


Catsuits? Just imagine a tricky form-hugging one-piece that is worn by fictional animation characters like Catwoman, then you are on track to knowing how they look like in real life street style.

How catsuits found their place in the wardrobes of superstars and style influencers is a lengthy conversation for another day, however, when you think of ‘after dark’ style options these days, that’s when catsuits come into play.


Celebrities and style influencers like Ashanti, Boithumelo Thulo, Onyi Alex, Chioma Ikokwu, Alexis Sky and Chic Ama are already kicking it in catsuits but before you jump on the trend, you need to understand that there are certain tricks to pulling off this one piece.

One major rule: flats are cancelled! The fact that they come with a built-in leg lengthening design which adds a lift to the famed territory; wearing flats would totally ruin the essence of the design, so go with stilettos with thin heels as that would give you any additional lift you need. Another thing you should note is choice of underwear: depending on the design of the catsuit, the right underwear is the foundation of the look so it’s important to pay attention and search for ones that are seamless. These two tips are the most important and they will become pretty obvious as you go through the selections here.


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