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Post Pandemic Style: How To Wear Sequins Without Looking Tacky

Post Pandemic Style: How To Wear Sequins Without Looking Tacky

Right from the time of ancient Egypt, glittering embellishments like sequins have been a major part of garment construction, especially among royals. Sequins have evolved over the centuries from being impractical to wear to being used as dance costumes or disc wear, to become accepted as a key member of ready-to-wear evening wear.

While these sparkly goodness are in every designer’s collection and available for everyone these days, there’s a right way to wear them to avoid looking like a circus clown.  How to wear Sequins

You may be saying: “well, I have no plans of wearing sequins any time soon with this somewhat indefinite lockdown.’ My response? There’s no better time to master the game of style than now. Prepare to return to the world in stylish vengeance.

So how much glittering is too much and how can you wear them right?

#1. A sequin at a time

It doesn’t matter if you’re gracing the red carpet and you want to spruce things up a bit, you really can’t wear a sequin dress and a sequin shoe at a go except you feel the need to clown a little. Pick one: the sequin dress, sequin shoe, or sequin clutch. One sequin item is all you need to remain on the classy lane.

#2. Keep heavy makeup at bay


Unless you’re a drag queen heading for a costume party or the aim is to look overly dramatic then you need to tone down your makeup when wearing a sequin outfit. When you wear heavy makeup with a sequin attire, the entire look would be described in one word: “gaudy!

#3. All black everything

Black Sequin Jacksuit Long Sleeve Flared Legged Jumpsuit
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To tone down the shimmery effect, slide into a dark shade sequin blazer or an all-black sequin ensemble like this jumpsuit. You can never go wrong with dark sequin attire, whether it’s for a daytime wedding or a nighttime cocktail party.

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Julia Sequin Long Sleeve Flared Jumpsuit

#4. Sequins x Denim


This combination is what Hollywood street style glam is made of. Inspiration can be drawn from the countless beguiling images of celebrities showcasing their street style on fashion magazines and blogs. Whether it’s throwing a denim jacket over a sequin dress or wearing a sequin blazer over denim pants, the outcome is usually stunning to behold.  How to wear Sequins

#5. Sequins as workwear


If you work in the creative industries, your 9-5 deserves some shimmer and shine every now and then. Sparkling clothes are usually associated with the holidays or night time but in recent times, they’ve made it to everyday mainstream fashion. If you’re not bold enough for a sequin suit like the one above, try pairing a sequin blouse with plain fabric pants or a sequin pencil skirt with a button-down white shirt. The result should be magic!  How to wear Sequin

By now any misconception about sequins being just for nighttime should be discarded. With these tips, sequins should totally be plucked right off the runway and into your daytime wardrobe.

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