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Should The Weight Loss Of Plus Size Celebrities Be A Dicey Thing In Our Time?

Should The Weight Loss Of Plus Size Celebrities Be A Dicey Thing In Our Time?


his era has been dominated by the body positivity movement, and plus-size individuals have found newfound confidence and self-assuredness. Thanks in part to the influential figures who champion the message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. With empowering hashtags like #selflove, #bodypositivity, and #curvygirl, we’ve collectively embarked on a journey where anything less than wholehearted acceptance is labeled as fatphobic. But what happens when the champions of body positivity decide to embark on a weight loss journey? That’s a conversation worth diving into.

Are plus-size celebrities making a U-turn? 

Remember the time when the Kardashians ushered in the curvy era? Being curvaceous was celebrated, and it even led to the popularization of BBL surgeries. Girls wanted to be thick, leading to plus-size girls gaining traction in the mainstream. The craze for thickness gave rise to the body positivity movement, which in turn encouraged all body sizes.

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Some even argue that that acceptance elevated plus-sized individuals into a prominent place in society. Even Khloe Kardashian, who herself faced body shaming, refrained from offering a plus-size section in the stores of her Good American denim brand because she felt it was offensive to the plus-size community to create a section just for them.

Now that era seems to have passed, and the Kardashians are embracing slimmer figures. (Almost anorexic if you ask me). Simultaneously, plus-size celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Adele have undergone remarkable weight loss transformations. Roxanne Gay, a feminist and prominent advocate for body positivity, also went under the knife. However, she later expressed concerns about how she felt she betrayed the movement by opting for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. So why this change in society?

Trends come and go. It’s hard to resist the temptation of following our favorite celebrities because they’re like modern-day trendsetters, shaping what’s cool and popular. But here’s the thing: beauty standards are fluid. What’s considered attractive today might not be tomorrow.

Lizzo: A case of contradictions

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Lizzo, a well-known advocate for body positivity and one of the plus-size celebrities who holds influence around the world, has recently been in the spotlight for reportedly making comments about her dancers’ bodies that some see as body-shaming. But that’s not all. Here’s another twist: Lizzo has embraced vegan diets, drinking detox smoothies, and working out at the gym.

This has led many to call her out for diverting from the “image” she’s known for. The question is: is body positivity and self-love excluded from living a healthy lifestyle? Simply put, is being plus-size synonymous with avoiding the gym and eating junk?

How about body love for the right reasons?

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Body positivity doesn’t mean leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Consider the story of Jamie Lopez, owner of the plus-size exclusive salon, Super Sized Salon, who tragically passed away at just 37 due to heart complications. Then there’s Catherine Oakeson, another plus-size individual who left us at 49. Their stories remind us that self-love, body positivity, and body love should extend to choosing a healthy lifestyle, not just paying lip service to it.

What self-love truly means

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Self-love is all about staying true to yourself. It’s about having the wisdom to figure out what’s good for your health and your life. You don’t need to blindly jump on every trend that pops up on social media. Instead, self-love means accepting the parts of yourself that you can’t change and making the changes needed for a happier, healthier life.

When we mindlessly follow trends, especially when it comes to our bodies and self-acceptance, we risk forgetting what truly matters: staying true to who we are. It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of something new, whether it’s a trend or a lifestyle.

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Real self-love is about embracing yourself as you are and making choices that genuinely improve your well-being. So, the next time you’re tempted to copy a celebrity, think about whether it fits with your picture of who you really are. Your journey to accepting yourself should be guided by your inner compass, not the ever-changing trends of popular culture.

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