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Passion Meets Purpose: TV Girl IDIA AISIEN Is Set To Change Media’s Narrative About Africa With The IDIA Project

Passion Meets Purpose: TV Girl IDIA AISIEN Is Set To Change Media’s Narrative About Africa With The IDIA Project

Nigerian-Cameroonian media personality Idia Aisien has decided to use her voice and platform to change the media’s perspective and narrative about Africa. On November 14, the popular TV host took to Instagram to share that she had just launched the IDIA Project. Where IDIA stands for International Development Initiative in Africa.

The overall project is a “mission to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and development, integrate Africa in the world economy and accelerate the empowerment of women, men and children by telling the other half of the story.” It is easy to talk about all the things going wrong rather than act to change things and 27 year old Idia is definitely done talking!

The IDIA Project hopes to change the negative narrative on Africa by first reporting up-to-date data and information on several key issues. The plan is to develop a 24-hour update platform that will inform people about everything that is going on, as they need it.

Secondly, the project will document happenings as part of plans to use the media to change and shape the conversations on Africa. Idia wants to tell the stories of all the amazing things people are doing across Africa. The project already has several finished episodes that will be shown over time.

Thirdly, the IDIA Project aims to give back tot he less privileged and this is anchored on poverty alleviation, empowerment and education. Plans are focused on providing the right tools for the incredibly intelligent young people out there to create the kind of life they want and by so doing, the young ones can enrich this continent.

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Bad news sells. So I get to hear what Mr X or company Y did wrong, but I don’t get to see more of what group A, B or C did right. Sharing bad news on terrorism, chaos, war and instability; will only encourage more terrorism, chaos, war and instability. What if we highlighted more positive developments taking place? It’s not an instant solution, but it will educate people on the improvements taking place in a country or society. It will also inspire and encourage people on ways that they can contribute to societal growth. My name is Idia Aisien, and I am driven to create content that showcases the positives—the growth—taking place in Africa. I am from Nigeria, but I lived in the United States from the age of 16-23. I did not like the news stories coming out of my country and other countries in Africa, so I decided to move back and do something about it. I studied Journalism at American University in Washington DC and International PR at New York University, but none of this means anything if I cannot bring change to African media. I have set up an organization called the International Development Initiative in Africa (@TheIDIAProject). I hope that with this platform I will be able to create stories that change the narrative and influence peace in the African continent. It won’t be easy, but it will hopefully be worth it….Thank you for watching?? #TheIDIAProject #internationaldevelopmentinitiativeinafrica #AfricaRises #Africa #Storytelling #ChangingtheNarrative #PositiveStories

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