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3 Skincare Issues Caused By The Pandemic And How To Fix Them

3 Skincare Issues Caused By The Pandemic And How To Fix Them

At this point, your skin has likely been facing some new issues related to the pandemic. From maskne to stress-related flares, the need to constantly keep a portion of your face covered is bound to take its toll. However, keeping safe, being alive and healthy trumps it all. Pandemic skincare causes and solutions.

Besides having to constantly wear face masks, we have all accepted a new normal and working from home has become our routine. This also tends to take its toll on us especially those who have to look at their screens all day.

Here are some of the most common skin problems you may be dealing with…

#1. Maskne

Photo: Pandemic skincare causes and solutions.

Mask-wearing is one of the best measures we can take to protect ourselves and others from contracting COVID-19. However, masks retain heat and humidity from the recirculation of our breath and keep it trapped against our faces, which along with bacteria from our mouths, can trigger acne.

The Fix: Wash your re-usable mask daily to rid it of surface oil and bacteria; stick to a skincare routine that consists of a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and acne-combating ingredients.

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#2. Tech Neck

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Sagging skin and horizontal lines on the neck area can develop due to a combination of aging of the skin and movement, which can be exacerbated from the bending of the neck to look down at our screens.

The Fix: Try to avoid looking down for long periods of time by using good posture and positioning screens directly in front of your face. Also, keep the skin well moisturized and wear SPF on the neck area.

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#3. Stress-Induced Hair Loss

Photo: Pandemic skincare causes and solutions.

There have been reports of hair loss associated with contracting COVID-19. However, many people are suffering from hair loss due to stress from the pandemic and have not actually had the coronavirus. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium and it’s a common cause of temporary hair loss due to the excessive shedding of resting or telogen hair due to illness or stress.

The Fix: “After the stressor is resolved, then the hair will slowly return to its normal cycling, and will eventually regrow in fullness,” says Dr. Christine Shaver, dermatologist and hair restoration surgeon at Schweiger Dermatology Group. “It’s important to be patient as telogen effluvium will self-resolve,” she says. “But further stressors should try to be managed.” See a dermatologist if you’re experiencing a sudden increase in hair loss to rule out other causes.

Also consider using edge treatment that resolve thinning edges (Shop Shea Moisture Edge Treatment here) and essentials oils to help you relax.

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