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Overcome Anxiety: 5 Ways To Become A Lot Less Anxious

Overcome Anxiety: 5 Ways To Become A Lot Less Anxious

Anxiety is a feeling that comes with fear and/or worry, which are natural human feelings but when felt extremely, help is needed. Extreme anxiety is a form of anxiety disorder that needs to be treated by a professional. October 10 marked the 2019 World Mental Health Day, an opportunity to raise awareness on mental health issues, of which anxiety disorder is one. At Style Rave, we want you to look good from the inside out and this starts with your mental health.

So, let’s talk anxiety. It is good to note that not everyone who worries a lot has anxiety disorder but when it starts to affect your relationships and daily life then it has crossed the line. Everyone has a trigger and identifying your triggers is an important step to coping and managing anxiety. Write in a journal when you’re feeling anxious and look for a pattern.

Remember, you’re not alone. Anxiety is more common than you think and is very treatable. Living with anxiety can be burdensome but if  you learn to cooperate with your doctor, learn new tips and try to react more positively to things happening in and around you, then you’re on the right track to being a lot less anxious by each passing day.

These suggestions below are very effective in stopping your anxiety in its tracks…

1. Stop trying to control everything

Photo: Liza Summer | Pexels

There will always be things in life spinning out of your grip and when we realize we can’t control them, anxiety kicks in.

This Reinhold Niebuhr’s prayer could be a go-to mantra and may be helpful, if you allow it;
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference”

The flip side of anxiety is that you not only fear things that are happening but also things that you assume would happen. The focus is not the problem but your reactions to the problem and you can choose to be more positive about it. Agreed, this is easier said than done because these situations are sometimes not in our heads but real. For example, the rent is due and your landlord threatens to evict you. Instead of getting anxious and worrying yourself dead, you can choose to start sourcing for funds by trying to get a raise, salary advance, selling off some property or getting a loan, as a last resort. Anxiety colors our perception and most times magnifies our current predicament. The key is to remain solution-oriented rather than fear-bound.

2. Set up a routine

Morning routines can be such a huge help but are not always as easy to follow through especially for those already trapped in fear and/or pain. Start with the simple things. It’s underestimated how starting your day just sitting for a few minutes with a cup of tea could feel. It helps you focus on the positive part of the day devoid of the worries about what the day would bring.

We know a morning routine is not as easy to implement on a regular basis but it’s worth a try. The more you abide by it, the easier it gets to live by it. Wake up in the morning and start getting yourself ready to feel fantastic by having a list of positive affirmations you find helpful and feel comfortable with. To feel more comfortable and less insecure, use positive affirmations, a feel-good playlist, meditation, and a healthy breakfast to boost your self-esteem in the morning. We’ve previously shared a morning routine guide to help you get started on the right path. This will set the tone for a more productive and brighter day and a less anxious day of course.

3. Try yoga and meditation

Photo: Cottonbro | Pexels

The gym although beneficial is the last place a person with anxiety would want to be. It could be overwhelming being in a gym that’s full of sweaty and toned people. Yoga is a great alternative and can be done in the privacy of the home. Research has proven that mental and physical health are closely related and yoga is relatively low-risk and high-yielding when it comes to the benefits on your mind and body.

When a person gets anxious, sometimes all it takes is to take control of your breathing by doing breathing exercises. This can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and generally calm your entire system. Meditation will teach you that you can feel your feelings and not run away from them because yoga/meditation helps you confront and experience your deepest fears in a controlled state. Yoga has been known to help people dealing with anxiety achieve mental stability and greater emotional balance. Also, try other self-care techniques that may be of interest to you.

4. Try therapy

Photo: Christina @ | Unsplash

If anxiety interferes with your daily life then it’s time to seek professional help. Treating a person with anxiety often depends on the type of anxiety and its triggers. There are different techniques available from psychoanalysis to cognitive behavioral therapy.

To get better results, it is expedient to note that these processes are not just dependent on the therapist alone but a good part of recovery requires you to take responsibility, apply the lessons to your life and do your homework. If you are not really into your therapist and want to try someone else, it’s allowed – go for it. Better to try another expert than give up easily. Your mental health is priority.

5. Try building your self-esteem

Photo: Bruce Mars | Unsplash

Sometimes our self esteem is high, low or somewhere in between because everyone occasionally has doubts about themselves depending on their present predicament.
Stop comparing yourself to others – that’s a sure recipe for anxiety. That pressure is not needed by anyone. Instead, focus on your own goals.

When people have a low self esteem it leads to a more passive way of interacting with others and they begin to isolate themselves for fear of being judged. Do what makes you happy, celebrate milestones and try to be there for others, it will make you feel good about yourself.

We can’t hurry recovery, it takes as long as it takes. When you have anxiety all you care about is for it to go away but instead the fear and worry pulls you deeper into its quicksand. Sometimes, all you need to improve your quality of life is to make healthier and non-stressful life choices.

Relax and let down your hair a bit, life shouldn’t be taken that seriously. YOLO!

Featured image: Ayo Ogunseinde | Unsplash

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