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Lagos Lately: See How Nigerian Style Stars Put Up A Show Last Week

Lagos Lately: See How Nigerian Style Stars Put Up A Show Last Week


For Nigerian celebrities, the sporadic lineup of events also calls for spontaneous twists to personal style. Last week, there were press rounds to make, coffee dates to fulfill, and Instagram shots to slay. As usual, some of our favorite style stars responded with eclectic getups that had us pinning them on our mood boards for the week. The ritzy renderings might be intimidating to the average spectator, but on the bright side, it provides ample inspiration for when the right event presents itself or anytime we encounter a style rut.

Whether it’s a feathered dress for a red carpet event or trendy denim takes to spruce up your streetwear game, we can always look to the stars for some inspo. One thing Nigerian fashionistas will do is never miss an opportunity to put up a good show. Thanks to these beauties, Instagram remains flooded with easy-to-recreate collections. If you have nothing to wear this week, rather than throwing a fit, throw on one of these fits and regain your city girl enthusiasm.

Check out some interesting looks from Nigerian fashionistas across the board…

#1. Hot casual

Photo: @tiwasavage/Instagram

If you’re attending a casual event and are determined to slay, then slay the hardest. There’s no room for the average casual. You either look boring or be the best-looking casually-dressed lady in the room. Of course, we cannot expect less from the Afrobeat goddess Tiwa Savage who understands how to win any look, including a laidback one.

Last week, the Nigerian Afrobeats star looked stunning in ripped jeans and a jacket from Iceberg, a white tank top, a multicolored crochet beanie, and pink Crocs. Another exciting thing about her outfit was the diamonds. Savage wore her custom-made ABG diamond necklace made by Boz Diamond to spruce up the show. What do we learn from Tiwa? If you choose to slay, make sure your sword is the sharpest.


#2. Bloomed and ready

Photo: @thelagospaparazzi/Instagram

If you need to up your rizz game this week, Damilola Adegbite has the perfect look for you. This pretty floral cutout dress from Hertunba by Florentina paired with simple black sandals is all the charm you need. A floral dress is a staple and something every woman should have in her closet. The beauty of this number is how it accentuates a woman’s figure and sharpens all the curves. And the bonus is the draped red bustier.

#3. Exotic and daring

Nigerian Fashionistas
Photo: @chiomagoodhair/Instagram

There’s no going around Nigerian fashionistas without circling back to Chioma Ikokwu‘s audacious sense of style. The entrepreneur wore an ethereal piece from Weiz Dhurm Franklyn which featured a black maxi skirt suit with large reflector details and a feathered headpiece. This striking look deserves all the love it received. For a brand launch, take this to the bank and cash it.

#4. Sultry formality

Photo: @lisafolawiyo/Instagram

Step into that party with a killing look. Like Folawiyo, take all that attention and make sure this outfit is a no-shy zone. Yes, do it. Lisa Folawiyo is always true to her style. While she plays around with trends, the designer ensures to inject her personality into any look. This sheer blouse, tailored pants, and a perfume bottle purse would announce you long before you speak words.

#5. Cool casual

Photo: @beverlynaya/Instagram

When it comes to casual looks, it’s easy to fall into a routine. We frequently repeat the same clothes; leggings and a simple top, jeans on crop tops or hoodies, and the rest. Denim may have a problem of becoming overlooked, but if you stay woke, you know there’s no sleeping on the possibilities of a good denim integration.

Nigerian actress Beverly Naya turned up the leather and denim combo. One would think the washed jeans, bodysuit, cropped leather jacket, and baseball hat would be too much, but that wasn’t the case. This look to the movies is a comfy-stylish option, which is as a-la-mode as it gets.  After all, contrary to what modern fashion says, less is more.


#6. Sultry and captivating

Nigerian Fashionistas
Photo: @powedeawujo/Instagram

This sultry black sleeveless dress with cutout details will clear up any haziness you feel toward a weekend party. Often you feel uninspired to attend an event until you slide into a mood-boosting dress. This is one such piece. Style influencer Powede Awujo is one of the Nigerian fashionistas who have a knack for refined styling and never doing too much. But this dress is much but in a good way. She rocked this beauty to a friend’s birthday party, and if you have a wedding around the corner, DM the designer ASAP. 

#7. Chic PJs

Nigerian Fashionistas
Photo: @gen0vevaumeh/Instagram

Fashion has crept into our bedrooms and made a masterpiece out of our comfy nightwear. Perhaps we credit the pandemic for this pajama fashion trend, and gladly so. Genoveva Umeh, a Nigerian actress, wore an alluring silk kimono pajama set over a cream camisole. For your next birthday dinner party, a pajama set and nice heels would do.

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