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Lagos Lately: How Nigerian Style Stars Held On To The Slay Code Last Week

Lagos Lately: How Nigerian Style Stars Held On To The Slay Code Last Week



reativity in fashion knows no bounds. The fashion industry is ever-evolving because it has its roots embedded in creativity. This explains why the most successful fashion brands are those who are unafraid to take risks, think and create outside the box. Last week in Nigeria, we spotted a number of impressive creative designs on Nigerian style stars. Some looks came woven in a blend of colors, while others stood out in striking monochrome shades. Both sets so stunning that one can’t help but desire to replicate them.

Check out these styles from fashionable Nigerian celebrities…

#1. A mini fit

Photo: @officialosas/Instagram

Designers are like artists, the only difference is that their canvases are worn. Every outfit was born out of ideas and because these ideas keep evolving, the fashion industry never runs dry. Artistic outfits are more than graphic t-shirts and also include a witty marriage of patterns, cuts, embellishments, and the like.

Nigerian actress Osas Ighodaro wore a stunning two-piece to the Laugh Fest variety show fundraiser. There’s something unique about this silk piece from The Studio by S.B Youme. It comes in two colors: yellow and purple, which creates a vision of a painting of the sun and the color of the ocean at night. 


#2. Dual tints

Photo: @mariachikebenjamin/Instagram

The expression, It takes two to tango also applies to fashion. The combination of colors is a bold and dynamic pairing that is sure to make a statement. The stark contrast between two opposing hues creates a striking visual effect that immediately captures attention.

In her new TV show, BBN star, Maria Benjamin donned a black suede dress with a pink collar that forms an interesting sleeve and finished off with pink heels from MachMach. But it’s not just the colors themselves that make this pairing so compelling. It’s the way they interact with each other, creating a beautiful balance of contrast and harmony. The black acts as a grounding force, anchoring the look with its dark intensity, while the pink adds a pop of color and vitality. If you have a classy weekend fete, it’s no guess what you should show up in.

#3. Florals and sheer

Photo: @taniaomotayo/Instagram

Sheer fabrics, whether lace or mesh, are two of the generally-accepted complements to damask. They create a dynamic and creative effect that can truly take your wardrobe to the next level.

Founder of the Ziva clothing brand, Tania Omotayo, wore a floral number with sheer detailing and crowned it with a matching headpiece from the Zainab Saphir collection. Her accessories included turquoise pumps with silver embellishment, a gold clutch, and drop earrings.

The outfit is gorgeous but the real magic is how well the sheer fabric fit into the mix. Sheer sprinkles depth and dimension to an outfit, creating a beautiful sense of movement and fluidity. When used with damask, it creates a stunning effect that’s both mesmerizing and elegant. Rich-aunty zone only.

#4. Calm and chaos

Photo: @dahmola/Instagram

Beauty Tukura, former Miss Nigeria and BBN star wore a water-color design suit from Pepper Row over a multi-colored floral turtleneck blouse from the Banke Kuku collection. The combination of calm and chaos in an outfit can create a truly unique and captivating look that embodies both a sense of order and rebellion.

The Pepper Row suit, made from a soft and delicate fabric, creates a sense of calm and serenity. But then, the turtleneck blouse adorned with bold and chaotic accents (multicolored floral designs and varying prints) brings about a dynamic and edgy outfit. If there are no strict outfit rules in your office, rock this elevated boss chic look to work and it will certainly boost your mood and confidence.


#5. Monochrome fever

Photo: @lindaosifo/Instagram

Stylists have made it possible to wear an ensemble in one color and still express more than a streak of originality. To celebrate her birthday, one of the most fashionable Nigerian celebrities out there, Linda Osifo stepped out in a one-shoulder fuchsia pink dress with a ruffled sleeve by Chinelo Bally. She finished off with a mini bag from Slides By Warri and clear shoes, all in a corresponding hue.

#6. Laid back tones


On Instagram, Nigerian actress Beverly Naya posed in an olive three-piece suit from Zara, a mini bag from Jimmy Choo, and black signature Saint Laurent heels. It’s giving designer-girl status. Although dressed in a conventional formal ensemble, the color of the suit exuded a casual aura without disrupting an ounce of femininity.

#7. Earthy splash

Photo: @styleconnaiseur/Instagram

The talking drum design on the wide-leg trousers on Angel Obasi speaks volumes. But that’s not all there is to this ensemble. The bishop sleeve blouse with corset details, the top handle bag, and the wide brim hat bring their flair to make the look a total vibe.

About the talking drum, one can say it signifies the importance of creating outfits that feel close to home. Designers are working to display African cultures in their work and place the continent on par with other prominent fashion destinations on the global scene. Obasi’s fit is a welcome look when taking the time off to visit your parents. It’s simple, but in no way boring.

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