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Natalia Bryant Opens Up About Her Father, Kobe Bryant As She Stuns On The Cover Of Teen Vogue September Issue + Her Top 3 Reveals

Natalia Bryant Opens Up About Her Father, Kobe Bryant As She Stuns On The Cover Of Teen Vogue September Issue + Her Top 3 Reveals


Natalia Bryant, daughter to Kobe and Vanessa Bryant has made her first major official photoshoot debut and she killed it as she graced the cover of Teen Vogue September issue. The 18-year-old sat down with the magazine for her first-ever cover shoot, which comes after recently signing with IMG Models and starting school at USC for film. For the occasion, Natalia was joined on set by her mother, Vanessa Bryant, along with her two baby sisters: 4-year-old Bianka and 2-year-old Capri.

In a profile on the teenager, written by Danyel Smith, Bryant opened up about her family unit — a bond made stronger by the loss of their patriarch, basketball legend Kobe Bryant, and their mambacita, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, in January 2020. Bryant, who just started her freshman year of film school at University of Southern California, posed for the shoot in a Spanish-style Brentwood villa, wearing everything from a silky Alejandra Alonso dress to a cozy Kingsley cardigan. While this was her first magazine cover shoot, she had practice posing in front of the camera earlier this year when she appeared alongside her mother Vanessa in a special Bulgari Mother’s Day advertisement.

Kingsley cardigan, Aisling Camps turtleneck, Panconesi earrings and ring. | Photo: Raven B. Varona

Being her first major cover shoot and profile, Teen Vogue shared: This is Natalia’s first major photo shoot and profile — she’s fully aware that she has been more seen than heard. “One time this person was TikToking me or something.”

“I was talking. And [after], I was going through comments, which everyone does. Someone commented, ‘this is the first time I ever heard your voice.’ I never even realized that. You always see a face, but it’s hard to … think of a voice behind that face.”

Theophilio dress, Rodarte earrings, Sewit Sium ring. | Photo: Raven B. Varona

Now thаt she’s signed with IMG models, Nаtаliа is reаdy to bаlаnce college аnd her budding modeling cаreer. Natalia Bryant Teen Vogue

Here are some things Natalia Bryant revealed to Teen Vogue…

#1. About talking with her dad

Peter Do button-up and gauze top, Terrence Zhou skirt, Panconesi earrings and ring. | Photo: Raven B. Varona

During her interview, Natalia doesn’t shy away from talking about her famous father, revealing that reliving her memories with him is more of a happy occurrence than something that upsets her. “He was just like the best girl dad ever,” Bryant said about bonding with Kobe in 2019 over a Star Wars midnight showing. “He was just like the best girl dad ever. He was just letting me play my playlist and jam out to Taylor Swift the whole ride back, and talk about Star Wars too. It was so much fun.” But their father-daughter bonding time ended quickly, “I fell asleep during the first half of the [first] movie.”

It’s easy to worry about her, talking about her father. Especially since Skywalker was released just a month before the fatal accident. But Natalia is on a healing journey. “I love talking about my dad,” she says. “It’s bittersweet, but I enjoy talking about him more than it’s sad for me.”

#2. About her dating life

Alejandra Alonso Rojas dress, Proenza Schouler boots worn throughout, Panconesi earrings, Sewit Sium ring | Photo: Raven B. Varona

Unlike her young, love-struck parents, a serious relationship is not a focus right now. “We’ve always been very busy … I’ve always been close to my family. I don’t want to remember high school as dating some guy that I’m most likely going to be hating next [year].” When asked if she has a crush, she answered affirmatively. “Of course. Everybody’s had crushes. [But] No. No room for dating.” Natalia Bryant Teen Vogue

#3. About how she is doing mentally

| Photo: Raven B. Varona

It’s not just the sunbeams and gleaming lights: Natalia is lit from within. She knows her mind, and in a way that comes to her via nature and nurture, she is comfortable in her body. She is as protected as possible. She is confident, already, in her intuition. These things contribute to her privilege as much as the wealth. Natalia the Diamond is 18, and the image of her father.

The model also talked about how her and her family are moving on following the tragic loss of her father and sister, saying they are all doing their best to keep the memory of Kobe and Gigi alive. “You do the best that you can,” Natalia says when I ask how her family is doing. “[For] my little sisters [we’re] trying to keep that memory for them. And also just trying to remember to live out every day the way they would.” Natalia Bryant Teen Vogue

Read the full interview here.


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