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The Top 5 Trending Nigerian Songs You Need To Hear

The Top 5 Trending Nigerian Songs You Need To Hear



usic is undoubtedly one of the things that makes the world go round as well as connect all of us humans in an amazing way; and even when we don’t understand the lyrics, it stimulate our emotions and makes us feel things that we didn’t think we were capable of feeling. Afrobeat sounds

As a Nigerian, I was raised admist so much sounds that vary from the complex storytelling beats of the talking drum to the club bangers; from the riveting performances of the legend Fela Kuti to the sonorous voice of Tuface. It has been amazing watching and hearing the Nigerian sound and music industry evolve into what it is now: an internationally recognized industry that is known for its distinct Afrobeat sounds that set both the heart and dancefloor on fire. Which is why in the spirit of TGIF, we’ve curated five Nigerian songs that are currently trending and you need to get in on.

Top 5 trending Nigerian songs with Afrobeat sounds…

1. Olamide | Science Student 

Top of the list is the song that led to the rise of the trending “Shaku Shaku” dancestep – which looks deceptively easy to dance but somehow I haven’t mastered, by the super talented Olamide aka Baddosneh.

2. DJ Spinall & Wizkid | Nowo

Literally every Wizkid song is gold and a hit back to back and this one is no different with its catchy beat and fun lyrics. It has been on every Nigerian’s mouth since its release a month ago. It’s also be favourited by foreigners including supermodel Naomi Campbell who shared it on her IG page.

3. Adekunle Gold | Ire

Adekunle entered the music industry with a uniform and refreshing sound and style – modern, personal and afrocentric, and it’s amazing that he has remained true to this. In Ire he proves how much of a musical genuis and storyteller he is.

4. Davido | Flora My Flawa

Davido is different things to different people but we can all agreed that he is a very consistent and talented musician. The artist has been releasing back to back hits especially throughout 2017, and now he has blessed this year with a song that is just as catchy as all his previous songs.

5. Phyno | Isi Ego

Isi Ego is a personal favorite. I love how rapper Phyno uses the Igbo Language in a fun and creative way to express himself and how he has created niche for himself in the industry due to this. Phyno has no doubt inspired more Igbo rappers to sprout up.

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