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The Modern Hausa Bride: Elegance Meets Class | SR Bridal Lookbook

The Modern Hausa Bride: Elegance Meets Class | SR Bridal Lookbook

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Hausas and Fulanis of Northern Nigeria, especially the Muslims, have a reputation for making really beautiful brides. Hausa (and Fulani) brides are known to be modest and regal in their dressing. Their entire ensemble reeks of class, elegance, and charm. On their wedding day, Northern women are usually pampered with humrahs, scents, flowers, make-up and henna designs just to look magnificent for their groom.

Dressed as the queen she is, the Amariya (meaning new bride) is always the cynosure of all eyes at a hausa/fulani wedding. A Hijabi completes most bridal looks while some brides opt for beautifully designed body tattoo popularly called Laali which is made from Henna to adorn their bodies. Henna tattoos are non-permanent staining on the top layer of skin. This used to beautify the hands and feet of the bride to make her appear absolutely gorgeous on her big day.

We have curated some of the most classy modern bridal women recently spotted on Hausa brides to inspire your bridal look.

A look at magnificent bridal inspirations from the North…

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