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Model Spotlight: Uganda’s Patricia Akello Creates Alluring Art With Her Poses

Model Spotlight: Uganda’s Patricia Akello Creates Alluring Art With Her Poses

Most models will tell you that their jobs involve a lot of walking or posing, depending on whether they are runway or catalogue models. While a lot of attention is given to the catwalk, we can’t deny that there’s a lot of power and depth that comes with poses. And when it comes to posing, you’ll need very little to convince you that our muse, Patricia ‘Tricia’ Akello, has been serving angles since she was in the womb.

Born in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, Tricia began modelling in 2014. Her meeting with fellow Ugandan model Aamito Stacie Lagum, winner of the first ever Africa’s Next Top Model, led to the start of her career; one that she had been preparing for since she left high school in 2011.

In 2016, Tricia who was signed to Fusion Models Agency in Cape Town, South Africa moved to New York City and now works under Muse Model Management. She is also signed to MP Management in Paris and M4 Models Management in Germany.

Not all models are able to get several signing deals at a time; you have to be better than good to afford such a deal and with Tricia’s superb skills it’s little wonder she has become a globe trotter.

While she’s also a star on the catwalk, her posing is what leaves us speechless time and time again. The art of posing is truly second nature to Tricia Akello. Her facial expressions, understanding of angles, proper utilization of the environment and artistic intuition all help in creating a pictorial masterpiece that shows off her best assets and separates her from other models.

At first glance, modelling seems like a glamorous and easy profession but what many fail to grasp is the time, commitment and practice it takes to harness your talents in order to rise to the top. Passion, hard work and commitment all have to come into play to make it in the cut-throat world of fashion.

Tricia Akello embodies all of these traits, which is one of the reasons she’s steadily rising in the world of modelling. Indeed, she has honed her talent and skills in a way that transcends serving the best angles. When you take a look at Tricia what you see is a black woman who’s confident in her skin, and that in itself is inspiring!

Here’s how Tricia Akello is conquering the world of modelling with artsy poses…

Photo Credit: IG | Akellopatricia

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