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The Top 5 Trends On The Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 Runway

The Top 5 Trends On The Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 Runway


Men’s Fashion Month just ignited the global sartorial scene, transforming Florence and Milan into sizzling hubs for tastemakers and trendsetters. We are fresh off the heels of Pitti Uomo, and everyone was buzzing about what went down in the front row at Milan Fashion Week Men’s FW 2024.

This season’s runways weren’t just about the usual suits and ties. There was a bold redefinition of masculinity where femininity took center stage, blending seamlessly into menswear with exuberant confidence. Think co-ed shows like Dsquared2 and JordanLuca, where sharp tailoring embraced fluidity and delicate fabrics. It was a sophisticated dance between traditionally masculine and feminine aesthetics, creating a fresh and captivating vibe. Also, colors erupted in a riotous symphony and textures stole the show, ranging from subtle shimmers to downright swagger-inducing tactile experiences.

Milan Fashion Week Men’s FW 2024 was all about defying expectations. It was a vibrant celebration of individuality, where self-expression took center stage and the only rule was to break the rules.

Here are the top 5 trends at the Milan Fashion Week Men’s FW24…

#1. Pants off

MSGM FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of MSGM via Go Runway

The previous season, going sans pants was a big deal in women’s fashion. Men are now dressing in skirts or, for the daring, in tights or even briefs to match this trend. Is this really what we want to happen? Fendi decided to design shorts that mimic kilts and skirts, but the brand also provided basic, nondescript skirts.

Elsewhere, putting their manly stamp on the style, MSGM daringly incorporated elements evoking Miu Miu briefs. Are tights really not considered pants? According to JW Anderson, the argument over tights vs. pants will either make or break the idea of what it means to be a man.

Fendi FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Fendi via Go Runway


#2. Interesting use of color

Prada FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Prada

When a riot of colors establishes its supremacy in a variety of hues and gradients, the Milan runway becomes an enthralling spectacle. On the red carpet, celebrities experiment with their suits by splattering bright colors into fresh looks. Indeed, adding vibrant colors is the easiest way to reinvent designs without making significant modifications to silhouettes.

Prada took a daring step into the realm of color-blocking, designing combinations like violet-yellow, green-pink, and red-blue. Pronounce used a broad color palette to immerse each look in a kaleidoscopic — another dimension in their inaugural presentation. Dsquared2 boldly embraced color, fusing it with forms inspired by Y2K.

Pronounce FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Pronounce


#3. Chest out

Gucci FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

Have you ever ventured out in cold weather wearing lightweight tops? This trend, which is usually more appropriate in warmer climates, borders on practically exposing you. Adopting the breezy look transcends cold weather; it’s about a strong, manly look that enjoys the simplicity of a few clothes.

Gucci elevated every ounce of muscle with its display of strength by supporting embroidered flowy tops. Fendi adopted a forceful strategy, launching styles with delicate yet pointed pleats. In addition, Dolce & Gabbana chose a simple black tank top that, despite the glitter of Milan Fashion Week, managed to emanate luxury.

Dolce and Gabbana FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana


#4. Texture galore

Emporio Armani FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Textures took center stage this season, sprinkled like irresistible edible glitter just beyond the grasp of cupcake buttercream. Despite the conventional tendency for men to steer clear of shiny and furry foundations, why restrain oneself in this modern era when the result is akin to embodying an alluring mascot? Embracing diverse textures has become a contemporary style choice.

Emporio Armani adorned both outerwear and evening wear with an array of beads, jewels, and gems; Dolce & Gabbana introduced sheer fabrics, lace, and ruffles to their monochromatic collection; and Gucci creatively incorporated sparkle into the collars, making a statement all the way up to the neckline.

Dolce and Gabbana FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana


#5. The return of graphic design

JW Anderson FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of JW Anderson

At Milan Fashion Week, graphic designs seized the spotlight, showcasing a diverse array of prints on garments that skillfully navigated the fine line between luxury and flamboyance. The emphasis shifted towards avant-garde aesthetics, steering clear of a vandalized appearance, as these visual expressions on clothing sought a refined and cutting-edge appeal, complemented by innovative ideas.

Pronounce unveiled a collection inspired by Zhuangzi’s dream, where designers Yushan Li and Jun Zhou translated the concept into fabric ropes and appliqués, capturing the graceful flight of a butterfly. JW Anderson, drawing inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” incorporated influences from Christiane Kubrick’s intimate family life paintings featured in the movie. Meanwhile, MSGM infused their collection with dynamic shapes and screen prints depicting a swiftly passing train through a station, creating a sense of blurred movement in their garments.

MSGM FW24 | Photo: Courtesy of MSGM

Featured Image: @princejyesi/Instagram

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