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Microbiome Skincare: What It Is And How To Get Started With The Trend

Microbiome Skincare: What It Is And How To Get Started With The Trend


Who knew any good could be found in some types of bacteria on our skin? Guts yes, but skin? Wow! Apparently, skincare experts have discovered that some bacteria are actually beneficial to the skin. This is where the whole concept of microbiome skincare springs from. It’s like solid a skincare ecosystem at your touch, literally.

So, what is microbiome skincare? Simply put, microbiome skin care refers to the skin as a living ecosystem where there are both “good” and “bad” bacteria. Truth is, there are trillions of microorganisms living on your skin, and the key to healthy skin is a flourishing microbiome. Thus, healthy, glowing skin is within your reach. Consequently, poor microbiome health will also show on your skin and this can take the form of inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

While beauty companies, influencers, and enthusiasts alike are receptive to the concept of microbiome skincare, regular users still have their reservations. A major reason is that bacteria have always been projected as harmful and non-beneficial.

How does microbiome skincare really work?

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Scientists have discovered that there are two kinds of bacteria that our skins are exposed to on a regular basis–good and bad bacteria. That is to say, on a daily basis, you walk around with a thriving ecosystem on your skin. While harmless bacteria exist to protect you from harmful germs and toxins, the “bad-guy” bacteria seek to do otherwise. Therefore, microbiome skincare creates a healthy balance between the two, and this, in turn, allows for a healthy environment for these microorganisms which ultimately leads to healthy skin. Most importantly, the more strains of good bacteria on your skin, the healthier it becomes. Quite impressive!

Check out 4 effective ways to keep your skin’s microbiome balanced…

1. Reduce the use of antibacterial products

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Remember that you’re trying to create a thriving bacterial ecosystem, so excessive use of antibacterial products would defeat that purpose. Rather, try using milder skin care products, especially products that balance your skin’s PH levels.

2. Avoid over-cleansing your face

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Believe it or not, excessive cleansing of your face can break down your skin’s natural barrier, and depending on the cleanser used, may strip your skin’s natural oils. Bet you didn’t know that. In order to maintain a balanced microbiome, cleanse your face twice a day using a mild cleanser. Also, opt for water-based cleansing wipes when removing makeup.

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3. Include prebiotics & probiotics in the skincare regime

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Prebiotics and probiotics are skin essentials that have been proven to improve radiance, treat skin conditions such as eczema and also fight the signs of aging. They equally calm skin inflammation. That is to say that prebiotics and probiotics create the food these beneficial microbiome feed on to help nourish the skin. They are both topical and can be ingested.

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4. Invest in microbiome skincare products

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There are different microbiome skincare products available in the market right now. All are skin friendly and help to balance and grow the good bacteria on the skin. This means that you should feel free to explore your options and go all out if you choose to!

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Let go of that creepy feeling you get when you think about thousands of bacteria crawling all over your body and start being grateful to your skin for its ever-protective role. Microbiome skincare is here to stay and we don’t mind it taking all the time it needs.

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