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Mental Mondays: 5 Easy Ways To Actually Start Liking Mondays 

Mental Mondays: 5 Easy Ways To Actually Start Liking Mondays 



ouldn’t it be great to go from “no, not another Monday“, to “cheers to the inspiring Monday“? It would, for a change. It’s not fallacious to reduce the throat-choking feeling of work by doing what you actually love, but there will still be times when work feels like work no matter what. This is especially true when your phone’s bursting with unattended emails, unmet targets, and you are sleep deprived. Even if you were Celine Dion or Michael Jackson, you’d also want to trade in music for a well-deserved sleep when you’re overworked.

Nevertheless, there are effective yet easy ways to actually start liking Mondays and we’re certain it’s not as hard as you think.

Check out 5 easy ways to actually start liking Mondays… 

#1. Start with the mindset

Photo: Diego PH | Unsplash

You can program yourself into believing whatsoever you want. As they say, it’s all in the mind. Notice things are usually easier to navigate once you’re mentally prepared? That’s right. Prep yourself into believing that Mondays are not a death sentence. This way, you set the tone for the week and things move a lot more smoothly.

#2. Infuse something fun into your Monday

Photo: Kelsey Chance | Unsplash

Mondays will automatically have you looking forward to it when you incorporate something you love into the day. Whether it’s your favorite food for lunch or a mini-hangout in the evenings, try spicing up your Mondays with social plans you actually love. It builds anticipation.

#3. Schedule and plan

Photo: Jess Bailey Designs | Pexels

I don’t know where we got the idea that our brains sign out on Friday evenings and open up at 8 am on Monday mornings. This isn’t such a bad thing but if Mondays bring out your inner clumsy, then maybe you should reconsider. One of the ways to actually start liking Mondays is to start writing down your day’s to-do list and picking out the week’s outfits on Sunday or even on Friday. Once you start your day being grumpy and out of control, then irritability is going to be the prevalent emotion of the day.

#4. Have a sleep routine

Photo: Vlada Karpovich | Pexels

This sounds laughable, especially taking into cognizance the unending pile of work on your table and unpredictable patterns of getting home, thanks to our dear traffic. Rather than implementing a sleep-filled weekend plan where you sleep till you can’t feel your face, and then go sleep-deprived on weekdays, why not have a sleep schedule to live by? This also means you shouldn’t stay up more than an hour past your bedtime and you should resist the temptation to wake up hours later on Saturday mornings.

#5. Dress up and show up

Photo: Lisa Folawiyo | Instagram

It might sound vain but we all feel good and confident in outfits we love. When it comes to ways to actually start liking Mondays, don’t neglect the power of a feel-good ensemble. The strut, speech, and thought pattern are definitely different in a great way.

Need a reason to love Mondays? What a great day to be alive!

Featured image: Jopwell | Pexels

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