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Mental Mondays: Why Positive Affirmations Are Beneficial To Your Mental Health

Mental Mondays: Why Positive Affirmations Are Beneficial To Your Mental Health


Most people roll their eyes at the mention of ‘positive affirmations’. They wonder: how can life take a different path just by speaking “mere” words over your situation? They ask: how can we be asked to see the glass as half full instead of facing the “reality” that it is half empty?

Words are powerful and we didn’t make it so. Researchers found that a house lasts longer when humans inhabit it and speak; a mystery we won’t ever fully fathom but would gladly key into the positive aspect.

So what are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself to help you challenge and overcome self-sabotage and negative thoughts. Repeating and believing these words of positivity consistently leads to positive changes in many areas of your life.

Positive affirmations help convince us that things are going to be fine even when they appear to be the other way round. It is so effective that some psychologists use positive affirmations to heal their patients of depression and anxiety.

The purpose of positive affirmations is to affirm to ourselves that things are good even if we don’t necessarily feel that way at the time. Positive affirmations are everything but living in denial. It doesn’t necessarily rid us of our problems but it helps us stay positive, rational and ultimately, optimally productive.

These reasons and more are why positive affirmations are beneficial to your mental health…

#1. They keep your mind healthy (mental clarity)

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Using positive affirmations consistently, thereby making it a lifestyle, helps decongest the mind and control anxiety which could destabilize aspects of your mental health. It keeps you in control of your thoughts and ultimately your actions. In emergency situations, you could trust your mind to be clear enough to make the right decision.

#2. They motivate you

Positive affirmations about yourself give you the drive you need to achieve your goals. They fuel your passion and steer you in the right direction in life. The things you speak over your life are the things you tend to gravitate towards and fulfil.

#3. They help the heart stay healthy

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Sometimes that sickness may be psychosomatic. It’s been proven that there’s a direct link between your emotions and your physical health. Little wonder why positive affirmations enhance heart health and overall health of the body, including mental health. It would amaze you to know that high blood pressure could be as a result of negative bile stuck on the inside.

#4. They give you a grateful disposition

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Start being thankful for what you have and you will find yourself attracting more positive things. Positive affirmations keep you grateful for the small wins which will eventually give way to major conquests. Gratitude, in turn, helps you remain a positive person even when things appear to be heading south. Did I mention your energy would be so pure, people would naturally want to be around you? That’s right!

Try applying these principles to your life and watch it blossom. Start by thinking of one thing you want to change in your life. Don’t mention what you don’t want – only mention what you want. For instance: Don’t say “ I don’t want to be laid off from work” rather say “ I will be retained and even be up for promotion.”

Words of affirmation not only motivate you but kick fear to the curb and boost your self-confidence. You can do it, you are great!

Now repeat that: “I can do it, I am great!”

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