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Mental Mondays: 5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness As You Self Isolate

Mental Mondays: 5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness As You Self Isolate

Loneliness goes beyond physical isolation. It also includes a mindset where a person craves human contact but when eventually faced with a human directly, they have difficulty communicating properly.

What could trigger feelings of loneliness?

• Physical isolation
• Relationship issues
• Depression
• Low self-esteem

If these feelings of loneliness are not checked it could lead to a deterioration in both physical and mental health. We all have felt lonely at different points in time but having to feel lonely even when surrounded by people is not a good sign and could lead to serious issues including suicide attempts.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of lonely adults and one recurring contributing factor to this statistic is social media. A high number of adults have found solace in social media thereby replacing close human relationships with the internet. What later happens is that once we sign off social media, unaddressed feelings of loneliness reappear leading to an unhealthy mental cycle.

Loneliness can be tackled but with a conscious effort, here’s how…

#1. Having close friends curtails loneliness

Photo: Nappy | Pexels

Loneliness, on the other hand, can be curbed if an individual has close friends who they can relate to on a personal level; therein lies the problem of social media – “so close yet so far away.

Instead of spending all your time getting intimidated over people’s controlled content and their one million followers, how about focusing on building quality in-person relationships with people that would legit be there for you during your low periods?

#2. Loneliness can’t stand self-love and appreciation

Photo: Jeffrey Paa Kwesi Opare | Pexels

Especially if you’re alone this lockdown season, it is almost inevitable not to feel lonely but remember that you can choose to see the glass half full by choosing this period to pamper you and get in sync with yourself. Try meditating, doing yoga or doing anything healthy you totally love to do to calm your nerves.

Being alone is not always a bad thing, it is imperative you find yourself and this is mostly achieved in productive solitude.

#3. Write it down

Photo: Anna Shvets | Pexels

Writing has been known as an age-old stress reliever. Sometimes, pick up a pen and just scribble your thoughts or an action plan. This could help declutter your mind and lift some burden off you. Who knows? You could even discover writing as a hidden talent or a channel to offload toxic thoughts.

#4. Focus on helping others

Instead of sitting at home and cooking up a thousand ways things could go south for you, how about looking around your neighbourhood and donating food, hand sanitizers, home-made face masks and whatever you deem necessary to survive this coronavirus outbreak.

There’s a fulfilment that comes with looking beyond yourself and doing things for people who can’t repay you. If you can’t volunteer to help out physically, make donations to those already doing it. For instance, lots of designers like Christian Siriano and Ese Azenabor, are making face masks and requesting donations for more masks on their Instagram pages.

#5. Seek help

Photo: Anna Shvets | Pexels

Therapy will forever remain a great idea. The more we remain in unhealthy isolation, the more we hear voices in our heads trying to convince us of our unworthiness. The ripple effect of this feeling keeps us even lonelier, making us believe we are undeserving of love.

We might not be able to physically get in touch with a therapist at this time but the internet bridges this gap and is still effective. Take control of your mental health and consider getting online counselling through telemedicine companies like SouthEnd Psychiatry.

Alas, you no longer need to have Akon’s self-pity “lonely” track stuck on replay after all. When there is a will, there is a way. Stay home and stay happy!

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