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Best Beauty Looks: Bold Lips Ruled The Game Last Week

Best Beauty Looks: Bold Lips Ruled The Game Last Week


As the world slowly returns to normal––as normal as that can be––excitement could be seen once again bristling all over social media last week. Your favorite celebrities, makeup artists, beauty influencers and photographers blessed us so much we had a hard time picking out our favorite looks. Makeup looks simple easy.

The Makeup Game

We loved how flawless Rihanna’s skin looked for the FentySkin virtual launch. The artiste turned businesswoman wore a clean almost bare makeup with a pop of red on her lips. Her hair was styled exceptionally as well, matted in little square boxes and all pulled to the back. 

Melanin-rich beauty influencer, Nyma Tang was all shades of luscious in her auburn to wine-colored hair, magenta lips, and pink eyes. You have to agree that brown skin is so beautiful with how it reflects the best of any color.

With former Big Brother Naija housemate, Kim Oprah, we were orange with envy! Styled by an obviously talented team, her bright red lips and big kinky hair were a delight to devour. With a smile so infectious, we couldn’t help but smile too.

Did you notice that bright colored red or pink lips were all the rave last week? We loved seeing these looks on all our faves including Nollywood actress Ini Edo. DC-based style influencer, Jeenee also kept bold lips alive. 

Hair Goals: The Cut Vibes

Another thing that was common for the ladies on our best beauty list was the cut vibes which came in unique short hairstyles. Ini Edo’s Pixie cut was styled in a bang to cover one side of her face while Jenee’s hair was laid flat on her head almost like the finger wave hairstyle.

Headwraps Makeup looks simple easy.

Perhaps the long Eid celebration weekend contributed to it as we had a number of headwrap looks that were absolutely stunning. Nigerian makeup artiste Tennycoco shared a festive look of the CEO of fashion house, Maison de Helen. The crisp look features a floral turban, sultry glossy lips and gold-highlighted tear ducts.

It was ‘modesty but make it sexy’ for lifestyle blogger Ummeeta Rabiu, draped in a beautifully patterned veil in a portrait she shared. Her eyes were subtle yet bold, a good accompaniment for her bold red lips. Makeup looks simple easy.

Check out the best bright makeup looks for the week…


Ini Edo

Kim Oprah


Nyma Tang

Maison de Helen

Ummeeta Rabiu

Akele Ruth

Makeup by Dodos

Makeup looks simple easy.

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