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Learn How To Fix False Eye Lashes The Easy Way By Cynthia Maina

Learn How To Fix False Eye Lashes The Easy Way By Cynthia Maina

Eyelashes add oomph to any look and any woman who’s into makeup can attest to this. But who would’ve thought it would be a thing of the past where you have to wait your turn for hours to get your individual false lashes fixed? Those days are over as now you can just sit in front of your mirror and get it done yourself with a strip lash.

Applying eyelashes isn’t always easy but thanks to the internet we have a sea full of expert tips and this time beauty Vlogger Cynthia Maina is on the rescue! In the tutorial below, Cynthia shows us how to fix your false lashes yourself and she makes it as easy as reciting ABC.

False Lashes

Before fixing your false lashes, you want to make sure that the length is right for your eyelids so you don’t have to go over the process more than once. Trim as necessary, have the right kind of glue and voila! You are on your path to nailing those popping lashes.

Watch and learn how to fix your eyelashes yourself, thank me later…

Video Credit: YouTube |Cynthia Maina

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