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How To Clean False Lashes In Under 5 Minutes Without Ruining Them

How To Clean False Lashes In Under 5 Minutes Without Ruining Them


Installing false lashes is tough for some people but taking proper care of them is way tougher. We know for a fact that no lady would want to put a pricey lash in the waste bin after a single-use. However, the number of times a pair of strip lashes can be reused not only depends on the lash style but also on how you care for it. Simply put, proper care is the best insurance for your favorite faux lashes.

Although false lashes are not created equal, some have a longer lifespan than others which also determines the number of wears you can get from each. While natural animal hair lashes with thicker bands tend to be more durable, synthetic hair lashes are not and they usually come in a lighter band which one must consider when cleaning.

Photo: Kay Ngonyama/Instagram

The good news to all lash lovers is that you can reuse your falsies and take advantage of their lifespan by simply cleaning them properly. All you need is a tweezer, disposable bowl, and micellar cleansing water or shampoo and you can rock your lash for as long as possible.

So, how often should you clean your lashes?

The frequency of cleaning your falsies is subject to a variety of factors such as how often you wear them. However, experts generally advise that you should clean every two to three weeks because, during this period, they should have collected enough grime to deserve a proper wash. While this is the commonly preached frequency, it’s not unheard of to clean every day, especially if you wear a lot of makeup and have oily skin. 

Now that we have that covered, watch this video from South African beauty vlogger, Kay Ngonyama to see how you can carefully clean your lashes without ruining them.

Watch the video below and learn…

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