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200 Last-Minute Gift Ideas Under $200 For Every Member Of Your Family

200 Last-Minute Gift Ideas Under $200 For Every Member Of Your Family


The best gifts are not wrapped in paper or a box but in love. And what’s the best time to gift a loved one? Any day—but especially during the holiday season as you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Following the events of the past two years, we can all agree that the world spun really fast, changing our modus operandi and helping us prioritize the things that truly matter. Now, we understand the importance of being present in the lives of our family and friends –the gift that keeps giving.

Nevertheless, topping things up with a material gift is worth taking. Everyone loves unboxing, especially during the holidays. If you’ve been searching for a way to show your loved ones you care, we’ve curated the perfect last-minute gifts to light up the mood and put a smile on the faces of the ones that matter. This thoughtfully curated gift guide is sure to save you precious time.

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#1. Wife

Photo: Dayvison de Oliveira Silva/Pexels

It’s time to get romantic and spoil your Queen with the right present this holiday season. A clue: what has been on her wish list all year long? If you can afford it, then help her tick it off the list and if this approach isn’t achievable, then maybe tilt towards timeless jewelry, scintillating scent, or a gym subscription (for the #fitfam).

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#2. Husband

Photo: John Tekeridis/Pexels

Your husband might be the hard worker who rarely buys stuff for himself or the metrosexual who loves the good things in life. Either way, you both have ridden this year side by side, and he deserves a thank you/well-done gift to show him how much you care. He might get a kick out of his favorite gadget, or he’s in dire need of new wardrobe pieces. Let “le boo” know you’re thinking of him.

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#3. Mother

Photo: Justus Menke/Pexels

It’s an untold law, “Get mama a gift for the holidays or you’re eating Thanksgiving leftovers for Christmas.” If you’re contemplating on gifts for every member of your family, we’re almost sure mother’s top on your mind. So yes, a pretty gift for your mom is your free pass to yummy holiday meals, lots of appreciative hugs, and bragging rights. Making an attempt to vamp up her kitchen utensils might earn you an extra plate, or you can probably get beauty products. Ask her, Mama sure knows best!

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#4. Father

Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

Don’t fall for the “thoughtful” trap that Daddy’s okay and doesn’t need gifts. FYI: Just a bottle of chilled beer while watching his favorite game is not enough, maybe a beer subscription works better (*winks*). This year, think of more practical pieces for the man of the house. After a stressful year, even Daddy deserves to let his imaginary hair down and unbox a well-thought-out gift. He’s going to pick up the tough guy act and feign an “I don’t need a gift”. Our advice? Don’t fall for it.

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#5. Aunty

Photo: Skylar Kang/Pexels

It’s true, getting gifts for every member of your family isn’t an easy task, so if your Aunt has a reputation for questioning your life choices at the family dinner table, maybe she doesn’t deserve a gift. Just kidding! Everyone deserves a good gift, especially a cool Aunt. They say she’s like a mom, only cooler. Remember she sneaks in the box of chocolate when your mom says “no sugar!” Customized jewelry with her name on it or feminine wall art might do the trick and maybe earn you another plate of sumptuous holiday food.

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#6. Uncle

Photo: Aman Jakhar/Pexels

What do you call an uncle who is fun-loving and perhaps funny? A “Funcle” (Google it! It’s an actual thing). So if he falls into this category and you’d be eager to buy him a gift this season, then that’s a thoughtful move. Consider gifts that he might find useful, and a clue would be to take a sneak peek into his hobbies, jobs, or interests. If that wasn’t so helpful, check out gifts that remind you of him.

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#7. Son/Brother

Photo: Pok Rie/Pexels

Thinking of ways to show your brother he’s loved while solidifying best-sibling-ever status? Here’s your chance—the perfect present. This gift might not be an easy pick, especially if he’s a man of broad interests and had leaned towards being annoying the whole year, but that’s low-key why do you love him, right? If he’s into games, opt for video games (on the flip side, you would still play the game and maybe beat him at it), or perhaps something “tech-ish” like a wireless charging station.

If you have a son––whether an adult or he’s still living rent-free in your house (no, rent’s not your gift this season)––then individuality and age come into play. From his favorite superhero to his favorite cold-weather boots. Let’s be honest, every parent wants the “coolest parent of the year” title, so voraciously dig into these helpful gifts and get to shopping.

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#8. Daughter/Sister

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Sometimes deciding on the perfect present for your daughter can be overwhelming, and we’re not sure why. Maybe because she has developed her own peculiar taste, knows where to get anything at the best prices, or maybe she’s quite hard to please. Nevertheless, something predictable like new shoes, or unexpected like a pet hamster might do the trick. Good luck––you’ll need it!

This list of gifts for every family member is incomplete without a sweet present for your sister, whether splurge-worthy or simple and practical. Aside from whining about how she’s your parents’ favorite, she has been there for you through thick and thin. Remember when you were sad and she ordered ice cream? (Yes, it was with your card, but it’s the thought that matters right?) Think of gifts that resonate with her personality and would be etched in your memories for the time to come. This doesn’t always mean expensive, but thoughtful. If your pocket’s smiling this season, then by all means splurge on it!

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#9. Nephew/Niece

Photo: Alena Darmel/Pexels

You know one of the reasons why Uncles and Aunts find their nephews and nieces super adorable? It might be because they get to see all the cuteness without actually living with them. The holidays are finally here and it sure comes with the chance to splurge on them, enjoy the cuteness, and solidify your relationship. A gift sure opens that portal.

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#10. Cousins

Photo: doTERRA International, LLC/Pexels

If you’re from a big family and can afford to buy a gift for everyone you are fond of, give it a go. It doesn’t have to be so pricey (they will understand, after all, they are family). If they are within the same age range, cousins can be the bestie you’re lucky to call family. Although being aware of their interests is certainly a plus, we know this may not be the case. So this selection features pieces any cousin would love.

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#11. Pets

Photo: Goochie Poochie Grooming/Pexels

Even your pets deserve a gift to close the year in style, so don’t leave them out of the holiday gift-giving spirits. From cozy blankets to keep your fur friends warm, to delicious treats and toys, your pets are sure to have a blast. These are gifts for every member of your family, and a loyal pet should enjoy these benefits.

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