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Lagos Lately: 7 Chic Fashion Takes Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars

Lagos Lately: 7 Chic Fashion Takes Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars



ast week, the AMVCA extravaganza made for a seriously electrifying time for Africa. Considering the exquisite looks served, you’d expect Lagos fashionistas to take a well-deserved break to recuperate. Well, don’t hold your breath. Nigerian style stars never hit the pause button on their sartorial pursuits, so the slay continued on the Lagos fashion scene and beyond. From birthday shoots to relaxed errand wear and red carpet servings, the country’s finest continued to bless our TLs with the finesse of a celebrity stylist. 

Check out the interesting looks that punctuated the Lagos fashion scene…

#1. Breezy kaftan

Photo: @ritadominic/Instagram

What’s more Komfy than a Kaftan? This outfit is a typical example of wear-and-go fashion, and what’s even more beautiful is the fact that Kaftans aren’t boring at all.  Thanks to ever-evolving and innovative stylists, style stars can look cool without stressing. One of these stylists is Ezinne Chinkata who crafted this stunning combo for veteran actress Rita Dominic.


#2. Afro prints

Photo: @lisafolawiyo/Instagram

One of the tell-tale ways to know a Nigerian rich Auntie is in the way she styles her Ankara prints. This isn’t stereotyping, it’s a fact. Lisa Folawiyo, a Nigerian fashion designer, sure knows how to play on the prints yard. In her multicolored plaid two-piece from her namesake brand, she embodies the Nigerian entrepreneur who never forgets to slay while she grinds.

#3. Blackish

Photo: @tiwasavage/Instagram

At this point, we all agree that Tiwa Savage is more than a national asset. The female entertainer must know a deeper meaning of “scintillating” because her voice and style are a representation of the word. The queen of Afrobeats attended the AMVCA in a The Uncommonist cone bra mini dress embellished with an asymmetric fur hem. She topped it off with a black beret and a veil. This is a fierce reminder to wear sass like a garment.

#4. Pink femme

Photo: @lindaosifo/Instagram

It’s undeniable that most ladies love pink (I’m among those who do not). The beauty of the world-acclaimed color for women is etched in its versatility and its evergreen trendy nature. Nollywood actress Linda Osifo made a case for Barbiecore in a Weyimi short set. The abstract print blouse with shades of blush, peach, orchid, and cerise popped differently. The magenta top-handle mini bag and pointed low heels she paired with it gave this monochrome look a true edge.

#5. Maxi minimal

Photo: @oliviaarukwe/Instagram

Fashion is indeed a realm filled with endless possibilities where designers can create breathtaking masterpieces that evoke a multitude of emotions. A prime example of such artistry is exemplified in Olivia’s outfit made by the Nigerian designer Wani Fuger. This exquisite ruffle-detailed dress and pants seamlessly blend a minimalist style with undeniable elegance, resulting in a true head-turner. The captivating combination of black and beige creates a visually striking contrast that commands attention. The careful selection of these colors enhances Olivia’s natural beauty and accentuates her unique skin tone, making it pop.


#6. Fuschia carpet

Photo: @lillianafegbai/Instagram

Yes, you got the heading correct. Don’t attempt your next red carpet event without a fuchsia number. It’s a beloved hue for Lagos fashion players that never goes wrong.

Here’s what to know about the color fuchsia:

  • It is vibrant and eye-catching
  • It complements various complexions
  • It exudes a sense of femininity
  • Fuchsia is a trendy and fashion-forward color

Lily Afe rocked a show-stopping Matopeda ensemble that gave pink another high score. A ten across boards. Her embellished gloves, tights, and bow-detailed shoes added a sensual vibe to the overall look.

#7. Haute crochet

Photo: @bellaokagbue/Instagram

Crochet-everything is the moment. Plus, it’s exciting to explore the creativity and versatility it offers. One stunning example is BBN star Bella Okagbue who recently rocked a mermaid-inspired dress by the renowned fashion brand DOA. The intricately crafted crochet dress transformed Bella into a mesmerizing aquatic enchantress, capturing the beauty and elegance of a mythical mermaid.

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