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How to Make A Lace Frontal Tapered Bob Wig | Peakmill DIY

How to Make A Lace Frontal Tapered Bob Wig | Peakmill DIY

lace frontal

Lace frontal wigs are the latest must-have hair piece these days but finding one that looks really good and really real remains a major issue. And while a lace frontal wig is quite pricey, it offers a more natural looking hairline than most types of wigs. Lace front wigs can be part of full wig caps, or they can be stand alone pieces. In either case, the construction of the lace front is the same.

In this DIY tutorial, YouTube hair and beauty sensation, Peakmill shows us just how to make a fab and natural looking tapered bob wig using a lace frontal and 27 piece hair. Be warned, making a lace front wig requires patience and skill.

Per Peakmill, you’ll Need…

* Precustomized lace frontal:…
* Milky way 27 piece hair(1b)
* Canvas block head(get the size that matches your head size)
* Wig making tripod
* T-pins
* Adjustable wig cap
* Glue glue and glue sticks
* Sheers
* Hair razor
* Clipper
* Hot tools curling iron
* Hair spray
* Flat iron
* Got2b glued styling gel

Continue to watch full turtotial below…


Lace Frontal Taper Bob Wig by Peakmill…

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